Is Quizizz Free? – Quizizz Review

Is Quizizz Free Quizizz Review

Are you a teacher who is looking for an interactive game-based program to light up your classroom? Quizizz is the perfect website for all your needs as a teacher. Quizizz has been around for quite a while and they have developed into a very popular quiz site. It is almost a one-stop, flexible platform for pre-assessment, … Read more

Is The GoPro MAX Worth It? – Everything You Need To Know

Is The GoPro Max Worth It? - Everything You Need To Know

Cameras and action cameras have been very popular in the last decade or so. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what these cameras can do. Well, GoPro is leading the way and in this article, we will be talking about if the GoPro MAX is worth it. Here is everything you need to know … Read more

Is Snyk free? Snyk Review

Is Snyk free Snyk Review

Snyk is a security platform that provides developers with the ability to test their applications for vulnerabilities. When developers can check out applications and find potential security issues in real-time, they can then fix them before they are released. Let’s find out if Synk is free and its review. Is Snyk free? Yes, Snyk is … Read more

Is The Apple MagSafe Wallet Worth It: Everything You Need to Know

Is The Apple MagSafe Wallet Worth It Everything You Need to Know

Apple is all about its luxury and advancement. With every new Apple product, people expect more comfort and luxury. The new Apple MagSafe Wallet is one of those luxuries that people add to their life.  This new wallet that attaches to the Apple iPhone 13 series is something you wish you had if you carry … Read more

Is Dialpad Free? DialPad Complete Guide

The world is increasingly moving towards a more online-focused space. Not only does our online presence matter in a social and connection-based aspect, but it is also an important element in a business sense. Not only has our world shifted to a more online-focused atmosphere, but the way we communicate is different as well. Some … Read more

What is Nreal? – Everything You Need to Know

With the recent explosion of popularity that the metaverse and augmented reality, in general, has gotten recently, a lot of previously unknown products and companies have recently come to light. augmented reality is all but here and within the next few years, it will be a very real thing and within a decade it will … Read more

Is The GEFORCE GTX 1660 still good in 2022?

Is The GEFORCE GTX 1660 still good in 2021

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 is a mid-range graphics card from NVIDIA. It was launched on the 14th of March, 2019 as a successor to the prior GeForce GTX 1060. The card was widely popular among gamers and professionals alike for its value for money and was integrated into many laptops of the time. Back … Read more

Is RTX 2070 Still Good in 2022? Everything You Need to Know

Is RTX 2070 still good in 2021

The GeForce RTX 2070 is a mid to high-end graphics card designed and manufactured by NVIDIA. Since its inception on October 17, 2018, the card has been widely popular among serious and casual gamers alike. The question is if the RTX 2070 is still good and worth buying. While the graphics card shows its true … Read more

Is The RTX 2080 Still Good In 2022?

Is The RTX 2080 Still Good In 2022?

As a part of the GeForce 20 series, NVIDIA launched the RTX 2080 graphics card in September 2020. At that time, it was one of the fastest cards you could get, behind only the 2080ti in terms of performance. This means, it should handle all 1440p situations easily, and can even do light 4k gaming. … Read more

Is The RTX 2060 Still Good In 2022?

Is The RTX 2060 Still Good In 2021

NVIDIA, one of the leading GPU manufacturing companies released its brand new RTX 20 series graphics card, the RTX 2060 in January 2019. This series was powered with next-gen ray-tracing cores that made it one of the most advanced graphics cards. Moreover, during its release, NVIDIA labeled it as the fastest performer that provided the … Read more