Is Snyk free? Snyk Review

Snyk is a security platform that provides developers with the ability to test their applications for vulnerabilities. When developers can check out applications and find potential security issues in real-time, they can then fix them before they are released. Let’s find out if Synk is free and its review.

Is Snyk free?

Yes, Snyk is free but the free version only lasts for a limited number of tests. If your company needs something reliable, the best option is to go for the paid version as the starting price is $46 per developer per month, which is not much for a company. 

But you might be pondering if Snyk is worth it or perhaps if it is the right tool for your company/developers. Well, if that’s the case, just bear with us until the end of the article and you just might have your answer.

Is Snyk Opensource?

Is Snyk Opensource?

Snyk is an open-source developer-focused security solution that enables businesses to remain secure. So, yes, the tool is open-source. It is an enterprise security threat management system that helps protect programs from open-source dangers. The tool is specially designed for developers, DevOps, and security teams. 

It seems to be the only software that discovers and resolves security flaws and licensing breaches in non-proprietary dominions and Docker images seamlessly and proactively. Snyk’s solution incorporates its extensive proprietary vulnerability database, which is updated by its skilled security research group in Israel and London.

Snyk Review

Snyk Review
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Snyk is regarded as one of the best software for the job. It is effective in finding vulnerabilities and is widely trusted. In terms of what it accomplishes, you won’t be getting much better performance than this outside of a trained professional.

We’ve often used Snyk to scan newly baked and older photos for security threats. One might think that certain software has them covered but what we have found out through personal experience is that Snyk will uncover those uncovered vulnerabilities in programs and modules that your distribution won’t or hasn’t discovered yet. 

Moreover, Snyk is also regarded as one of the best tools in cases where one needs to identify open source components in a codebase. It is one of the most comprehensive vulnerability databases paired with a clean and modern user interface. 

Testing on platforms such as Command Line Interface (CLI), Integrated Development Environment (IDE), was also fully supported by the software, and incorporating with Github is a walk in the park. Whatever you scan using Snyk, it will always give you a precise and specific report with recommendations for addressing potential flaws.

Snyk is fairly easy to set up and use. In terms of security databases, Snyk has exceptional coverage and it also supports working in varieties of programming languages. Snyk’s user interface and technology offer complicated information in a simple, easy-to-understand manner. These characteristics make it simple for teams to organize and begin making a move according to the information provided. 

For a developer, it’s so satisfying to use the tool now that new services are supported and additional quality of life improvements are occurring regularly. Snyk also offers a freeware model for relatively tiny businesses that work on single projects.

Like the two sides of a coin, Snyk also has a few cons. One of the major reported issues of the tool is the UI (User Interface); the style the various projects are organized and shown in the user interface should be modulated as it can get quite confusing when someone is using multiple features across multiple projects at once. 

The user interface is also a bit under-informative. Not often but a few times, the Command-Line Integration result and the GitHub integration result do not match, it is recommended to prefer the result of Command-Line Integration in such cases. 

Moreover, the threat evaluation is quite old-fashioned, and it frequently indicates false-positive results that must be corrected manually or by bypassing the pull request validation plugin. The Command-Line Integration along with the results and control desk is praise-worthy but the same cannot be said for other integrations. 

By default, users can’t scan all of the photos sent without using the CLI, since the integrated ECR scanner on the interface demands users to opt-in on a tag basis. Snyk can open pull requests on Github to update dependencies automatically, however, it appears that creating Jira tickets is a manual procedure. Furthermore, Slack is the only app that offers out-of-the-box notification and the tool is not integrated with GCR (Google Classroom).

Snyk is the second-best container security solution, the top 2nd Software Composition Analysis (SCA) tool, and the top 4th application security tool. Snyk has an overall average of 8 out of 10 from PeerSpot users.

With the ratings stated, it is safe to say that Snyk provides exceptional service. We would easily recommend Snyk to anyone who needs developer security. But based on the pros and cons mentioned in the article earlier, you can make up your mind.