iPhone 15 Pro Max Faces ‘Screen Burn’ Concerns, Adding to Apple’s Expanding Issues

In a concerning revelation, users of Apple’s recently released iPhone 15 Pro Max have reported significant ‘screen burn’ issues, with some displays showcasing lingering ghostly images. This issue further adds to Apple’s current challenges with its flagship smartphone. Following the iPhone 15’s release, users are consistently encountering new problems, week after week. One of the … Read more

Edit and Voice Features Coming to Meta’s Threads Mark Zuckerberg Reveals

Within mere months since its July release, Meta’s Threads has garnered significant attention, becoming a formidable contender against X (formerly known as Twitter). Adding to the excitement, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the overarching company Meta, has recently unveiled two major enhancements to the platform. Zuckerberg announced on Threads, “‘Rolling out Edit and Voice Threads today. … Read more

UK Faces E-Waste Surge with 471 Million “Fast Tech” Items Discarded in 2022

A staggering 471 million “Fast Tech” items, including cables, LED lights, mini fans, and disposable vapes, were discarded in the UK in 2022, according to a study commissioned by the non-profit organization, Material Focus. BBC News reports that this category of electricals, akin to fast fashion in the tech world, is rapidly becoming the predominant … Read more

Squid Game: The Challenge Set to Premiere on November 22nd

Squid Game makes another significant mark as its reality spin-off, Squid Game: The Challenge, is set to air on November 22nd. Netflix confirmed this exciting news earlier today. The show will see 456 participants compete for a grand prize of $4.56 million. Those in the US might find the show a talking point during Thanksgiving … Read more

Active Gaming: Keep Moving Past 50 with Wii Fit and More

Are you over 50 and looking for a fun way to stay active? Active gaming might be just the thing for you! With the rise of technology, there are now plenty of video games that can help you stay active and healthy without leaving your home. One popular option is the Wii Fit, a game … Read more

Scientists Explains Reasons Why Time Moves Faster as We Grow Older

For many adults, the phrase “time flies” becomes increasingly relatable as the years go by. What once felt like a vast expanse of time during childhood can seem to rush by in adulthood. Although a concrete answer still eludes the scientific community regarding this sensation, some theories have emerged. Cindy Lustig, a professor of psychology … Read more

The PlayStation 5 Gets a Sleek Makeover Ahead of the Festive Period

Sony has unveiled a new model of its PlayStation 5 console, which comes in a smaller and slimmer design. The new console has all the same technology as the current PlayStation 5, but with a 30% reduction in volume and weight reductions of 18% and 24% compared to previous models. It also adds an attachable … Read more

20 Female Game Characters That Left a Lasting Impact

Throughout the expansive landscape of video game history, female characters have consistently stood out, showcasing unmatched strength, intelligence, and charisma. This list shines a light on some of the most iconic and impactful female game characters that have graced our screens, leaving lasting impressions and setting benchmarks. Lara Croft from Tomb Raider Known for embarking … Read more

12 Brain-Boosting Games to Enhance Memory and Focus

Looking to boost your brainpower and improve your memory and focus? Look no further than these 12 brain-boosting games! Whether you’re looking to sharpen your mind for work or simply want to keep your brain active and healthy, these games are sure to provide a fun and engaging challenge. Benefits of Brain-Boosting Games Playing brain-boosting … Read more

Top 20 FPS Games of Our Time – How Many Have You Played?

First-person shooter games, with their immersive visuals and gripping narratives, have enthralled generations of gamers. Representing a mix of iconic classics and new-age masterpieces, this list spotlights the standout FPS titles that have influenced the gaming landscape over the years. DOOM Originally released in 1993, DOOM set the gaming world ablaze. Transporting players to a … Read more