iPhone 15 Pro Max Faces ‘Screen Burn’ Concerns, Adding to Apple’s Expanding Issues

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By Rob Leung

In a concerning revelation, users of Apple’s recently released iPhone 15 Pro Max have reported significant ‘screen burn’ issues, with some displays showcasing lingering ghostly images. This issue further adds to Apple’s current challenges with its flagship smartphone.

Photo Credit: goffkein.pro/Shutterstock.

Following the iPhone 15’s release, users are consistently encountering new problems, week after week. One of the most pressing concerns now is the phantom images appearing on the phone’s display. Multiple users have taken to social platforms to exhibit the apparent flaws on their £1,499 ($1,823) handsets. Screenshots indicate frequent items, such as the keyboard, appearing as ‘burned’ onto the display.

While screen burn—a permanent discoloration resulting from extended screen use—has been a concern associated with OLED screens like those in iPhones, such severity is rare. Typical signs of this are clearly visible outlines of static items, like home-screen icons.

Interestingly, this problem seems primarily concentrated on the iPhone 15 Pro Max model, though the extent of its pervasiveness remains uncertain. Users are baffled, as the observed screen discolouration typically occurs after countless hours of usage over a long period. Areas persistently static, especially the keyboard and home-screen icons, are the most affected.

Contrarily, screen burn should not be confused with image persistence, a temporary display effect. If the reported issues are permanent, it points to a significant fault with the product.

Online reactions have been predominantly of shock and disappointment. As one user mentioned, “This is one of the worst burn ins I’ve ever seen on a phone.” Another remarked on the short time the device has been out, stating, “Already???? It hasn’t even been a month, let alone YEARS…”

For concerned users, experts recommend using a plain grey image to verify the presence of screen burn. Lingering afterimages become evident against this backdrop. If the issue is verified, affected users might find solace in Apple’s one-year warranty, with some having successfully availed refunds. Preventative measures include reducing screen brightness, changing wallpapers regularly, and setting a shorter screen-off timer.

Sadly, this isn’t the iPhone 15 Pro’s only pitfall. Users have flagged various issues, from overheating to metal discoloration. Apple recently launched an iOS update to address a glitch that made devices heat up dangerously. However, some users still report overheating post the update.

Another alarming discovery came from YouTuber JerryRigEverything, who found the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s back glass shattering unusually quickly under pressure. Besides, some Apple enthusiasts noticed the titanium body of the Pro models discoloring from standard handling, while others found dust within their new phones’ cameras.