PS5 Pro Release Date Rumors: What We Know So Far

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By Rob Leung

The gaming community has been buzzing with continuous speculation over the past few months about the release date of the much-anticipated PS5 Pro. As we step into February 2024, the gaming world is still left without a concrete release date or even a rough launch window for the PS5 Pro. Despite the lack of official confirmation or announcement from Sony, speculation is rife that this upgraded version of the PS5 will eventually become a reality.

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Rumors about the PS5 Pro have been circulating since as early as September 2021, when YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead suggested a possible 2023 release (which, of course, did not happen). Fast forward to now, and the prevailing rumor is a 2024 release, with many pointing towards the latter half of the year. Though these rumors come from various sources, some of which are unverified, two notable names stand out.

Tom Henderson from Insider Gaming has consistently mentioned a November 2024 launch for the PS5 Pro. Henderson’s reputation for accurate PlayStation hardware leaks lends credibility to his claims. He previously reported on the PS5 Pro along with details on the unannounced PS5 Slim and PlayStation Portal. Similarly, gaming personality Jeff Grub hinted in a recent Game Mess podcast episode that the PS5 Pro might see a September 2024 release. While Grub has a history of accurate leaks, his record isn’t without flaws, so this information should be taken with a grain of salt.

Despite the differing opinions on the exact release month, the consensus among these reputable sources points to a late 2024 launch for the PS5 Pro. However, it’s wise to remain cautious, as even the most reliable sources can sometimes miss the mark.

With the PS5 now over three years old, the rapid evolution of gaming hardware suggests that 2024 could be an opportune time for Sony to introduce a more potent version of their console. Considering Sony’s likely desire to maintain a gap between the PS5 Pro and the eventual PS6, a 2024 launch for the PS5 Pro seems increasingly plausible.