Is Quizizz Free? – Quizizz Review

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By Rob Leung

Are you a teacher who is looking for an interactive game-based program to light up your classroom? Quizizz is the perfect website for all your needs as a teacher.

Quizizz has been around for quite a while and they have developed into a very popular quiz site. It is almost a one-stop, flexible platform for pre-assessment, formative assessments, homework assignments, and many more.

Is Quizizz Free?

Is Quizizz Free?

Yes, this amazing tool is free to use and you can do wonders with it. It is fair to have doubts about how and what this website does. There are several things that the Quizizz website can be useful for. Here we talk about the features of the website along with some of their pros and cons. This will help you know if Quizizz is worth it for teachers and students.

Is Quizizz free for teachers?

Is Quizizz free for teachers?

Yes, it is free for teachers. Quizizz is the perfect tool for teachers. With the features it provides it can be one of the best quiz and question-making tools. As it is an interactive tool teachers can plan and formulate a lot of fun sessions. 

Is Quizizz Free for Students?

Is Quizizz Free for Students?

Yes, it is free for students as well. As a student, you will have a lot of fun learning. The memes and interactive feedback are going to make students more interested in what they are learning.

Pros of Quizizz

Quizizz is a flexible platform and various features can benefit both a student and a teacher. The blog section highlights new features to explore the platform. You will never be lost on the website in the process of learning and teaching.

You will find a 1 page get started section, where you will find all those things that are necessary for you to know the website. On top of that, there are several training and presentations prepared for you to get started. You will never get lost while using the site as they also provide a help center.

You should not even project the questions on a board or screen, each student gets his/her question and answer gameplay. The teachers can also keep track of the performance of the student and let them know where they need more focus.

As this is a learning tool, the developers have also made it handy with the google classroom. There are a lot of options to choose from to make a quiz for students and make them as interactive as possible. You will also be able to edit questions with one click.

To make the session interactive, fun memes are added as graphics after the completion of each question to provide positive feedback to students. You can also customize these memes as per your classroom environment.

Cons Of Quizizz

Not everything is perfect, and this tool also has some cons. The questions are limited type and are not very suitable for elaborated questioning. The access to computers to work with this technology can also prove to be a problem if you don’t have a machine to access it.

The meme adding is a bit complicated and it might frustrate some but you can find tutorials on how to do those things easily. And while coping with someone’s question you are forced to choose the meme set by someone else which might not be very effective for a different audience. 

Quizizz is a flexible platform for students and teachers to share and learn knowledge. It is an interactive platform and also highly fun. Students will learn with more intuition and focus in a fun environment. Teachers can make quizzes fast and effectively run a classroom. 

The meme feature and progress report feature make this website more student-teacher-friendly. Apart from all this Quizizz teaches students to be self researching and students can complete their quizzes with no time frame. The flexibility and google classroom supporting feature makes this platform even more interactive.

So, if you are a teacher and want to try a new way of teaching your students you should learn the Quizzizz interface and get used to it. You can youse this free tool without any disturbance and can also make yourself an interactive and cool teacher.

Tyring Quizizz for one or two classes can make you feel the difference between a boring and an interactive classroom. We would recommend this tool to anyone who is looking to set up an interactive and problem-solving classroom with a touch of humor. Make your classroom more interactive and fun like never before. Quizizz can solve all your problems.

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