Is The Apple MagSafe Wallet Worth It: Everything You Need to Know

Apple is all about its luxury and advancement. With every new Apple product, people expect more comfort and luxury. The new Apple MagSafe Wallet is one of those luxuries that people add to their life. 

This new wallet that attaches to the Apple iPhone 13 series is something you wish you had if you carry more than one card with you. It is not only a wallet but with the MagSafe charger you can also charge your phone and now charging your phone has never been easy.

Apple already has a Magsafe charger and the Magsafe wallet is an exclusive accessory that is beyond charging. Here we are going to look into some of its pros and cons and you can evaluate if the wallet is worth your money. Here you will be able to get most of your questions answered.

What is The Apple MagSafe Wallet

Is The Apple MagSafe Wallet Worth It?

If we talk about the design, the Mag safe wallet stands out. It has one of the best designs there can be. The $60 Apple leather wallet is worth all the money when it comes to its design and the leather it has. The exquisite design and the luxurious feel to the wallet make it something worth buying if you are an iPhone user.

The leather feels smooth and it looks very beautiful with the phone above all, it grips very well on the back of your phone. People who don’t like the shape of the new iPhone 13 will be most benefited by this wallet as the sharper edges will be somehow neutralized.

When talking about the finishing and the texture of the Magsafe Wallet, it seems pretty well finished and looks attractive. The Apple logo is done with fine work and the stitching is just perfect. There might be some imperfections but it’s just worth it.

If you are thinking about how to use the Magsafe wallet, it is very easy indeed. However, it is almost impossible to take out the cards from those holders while the wallet is still attached to the phone. It is the perfect wallet for someone who uses an Id card and a credit card or any other card.

People were also concerned that their wallet kept falling off people’s phones every time it was in their pockets. We can’t say this is not a problem but the magnets are quite strong and there is very less chance that it will fall.

The MagSafe Wallet is something that will add more luxury to your phone experience and the premium leather makes it more classy than ever.

Cons Of MagSafe Wallet

Is The Apple MagSafe Wallet good

Some people find the $60 price a bit expensive as a third-party accessory with a similar kind of function can be bought for a very low price. With Apple already selling the accessories like chargers and cables separately this might be a little heavy for your budget. If your interest is the Magsafe charger then you are likely to prioritize this wallet a little less.

Other than the price factor and sometimes slipping of the wallet there is not much to say about why you should not buy this accessory. You should try out this wallet.

Are the Magnets Strong?

Is The Apple MagSafe Wallet worth buying

The wallet holds the cards perfectly and there is very less chance that it might slip away. The danger of losing your card and cash is minimized. On top of all this, you are going to get an amazing feeling leather case to add to your iPhone.

According to Apple, the MagSafe wallet can hold up to 3 cards but it’s a bit of a struggle. For two cards, it’s just perfect. The magnets are strong enough to not pop out every time you keep them inside your pocket. You certainly will need to adjust the wallet and give the magnets a perfect place to stick to.

The MagSafe charger and the wallet are accessories you would want to be with if you are an Apple user. Besides everything, you can also gift this beautiful leather purse to someone with an iPhone 13. The MagSafe wallet goes perfectly with an Apple case on your iPhone 13. 

If you don’t have a MagSafe supported case then you should probably not buy this luxurious item. The MagSafe charger and the wallet can be a perfect companion with a supporting case; they just can be the thing you are looking for. Make your iPhone 13 more stylish and feel good when you touch it, the MagSafe wallet is all you need.

Is The Apple MagSafe Wallet Worth It?

Apple MagSafe Wallet
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The price of the MagSafe wallet is the real prohibiting factor for this review. In concept and in practicality, this is a great product, and for some, it will be an excellent choice. The only real con of this product is the price, otherwise, the MagSafe is great!

For the price, not really. If you can find one used or on sale, this could be a decent investment. The problem really is that you can get many of the same types of wallets on Amazon for a fraction of the price. If the Apple brand means a lot to you, then it could be worth it, otherwise, it is just a bit too pricey.