What is Hushed and Why You Should be Using it: Hushed Review

Hushed Review

Have you ever run out of phone numbers to use in order to verify an email? Or maybe you want to explore the dating world but are not yet dedicated to the idea that your real phone number can be seen. It could be that you are just an individual who wants to keep an … Read more

GameGator: Website Review and Analysis

GameGator Review

Often times when games are released, the price of the game is extremely unappealing. Whether it be $60 or even something like $30 or less. In recent years, many PC gamers have gone the route of using game key sites, and for good reason. These game key sites offer gamers game keys at an extreme … Read more

Are DJI Goggles Worth It? – DJI Accessory Guide

dji goggles

Have you wanted to experience what it would feel like to fly in the air? Well, today we will be talking about exploring the DJI Goggles. Which are goggles that connect to your DJI drone, so you can fly it using these goggles. Are the DJI Goggles worth it? Or will you be alright without … Read more

Is The RTX 2060 Super Worth it? – RTX 2060 Super Review

Is The RTX 2060 Super Worth it RTX 2060 Super Review

These days gaming has been very sophisticated; with the increase in technological advancements, people always want to have the best gaming experience. The Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Super was released with that in mind as part of the 2000 series refresh. With the latest cards out and more on the way, is the RTX 2060 Super … Read more

Is The RTX 2070 Super Worth it? – RTX 2070 Super Review

Is The RTX 2070 Super Worth it RTX 2070 Super Review

With the evolving technology, we want our gaming experience to be as realistic as it can get. As a result, graphics cards have become the de facto standard for gaming on PC. Graphics cards have become increasingly more important and efficient over the years. There’s no doubt that a good graphics card can make a … Read more

Is The RTX 2080 Super Worth it? – RTX 2080 Super Review

Is The RTX 2080 Super Worth it RTX 2080 Super Review

We cannot deny that most of us love to play games. A game with high-end graphics is something to die for. If you want the graphics to be as realistic as possible, the RTX 2080 Super can come on the list of the preferred ones. The question still remains, is the RTX 2080 Super still … Read more

Is The ZOTAC Store Legit: ZOTAC Store Review

Is Zotac Store Trustworthy?

In the day of age, we live in, graphics cards and computer hardware is harder and harder to get a hold of, especially for an affordable price. It seems each year it gets even more difficult to get computer hardware for the actual retail price. In a lot of cases, even the manufacturers are charging … Read more

Is FitXR Worth It? – Everything You Need To Know

FitXR is a subscription-based app on the Oculus VR. This app allows you to enjoy your workouts for only $9.99, however, you need to have an Oculus Quest 2 which you can purchase for $299. The question is, is FitXR worth it? Pros Cons What is FitXR FitXR classes provide an incredible workout and an … Read more

What Does Sinch Do? – Sinch Review

What Does Sinch Do Sinch Review

Communication is the key to success; even more so in the digital world. Sinch provides a service to businesses to enhance their communication or interaction with their customers. But what exactly does it do? What does Sinch do? Sinch provides a digital platform for companies to dispatch text messages to a huge number of consumers … Read more

Is Tracklib Royalty Free? Tracklib Review

Is Tracklib Royalty Free Tracklib Review

Tracklib is a music sampling platform that allows musicians to find, gather, download, and acquire samples all in one spot. Over a hundred thousand samples and multi-tracks are accessible for legal usage on the Internet, with more being uploaded every week. Is Tracklib Royalty Free? No, contrary to popular belief, Tracklib is not royalty-free, it … Read more