Is FitXR Worth It? – Everything You Need To Know

FitXR is a subscription-based app on the Oculus VR. This app allows you to enjoy your workouts for only $9.99, however, you need to have an Oculus Quest 2 which you can purchase for $299. The question is, is FitXR worth it?


  • Dance, boxing, and HIIT
  • Effective workouts
  • Single & multiplayer options
  • Filtered search
  • Great music
  • Gets people to exercise


  • Can’t play offline
  • Monthly membership required
  • Requires Oculus VR

What is FitXR

What is FitXR

FitXR classes provide an incredible workout and an extremely unique fitness experience. Some of the most popular classes to take are the new HIIT and boxing classes. These are enjoyable and fun to play. And makes people always drip with sweat after a session.

FitXR is a fitness game designed for the Oculus Quest 2 that offers HIIT, boxing, and dance classes accompanied by upbeat music, motivational instructors, and workouts for all levels.

FitXR has added a HIIT studio and a multiplayer option, as well as a bunch of new music to accompany workouts. It also switched from a single app purchase with DLC options to a monthly membership subscription. FitXR is a fun, effective way to get into shape or lose weight. If you’re a fan of VR and fitness, then this is an app worthy of checking out.

Start a new class every day. Designed and choreographed by a team of professional fitness instructors, there is a new class every day of the week. Choose from Box, HIIT, or Dance workouts. Great music for whatever you want to accomplish. Powering your workouts are a host of new tracks from artists like Tiësto, Calvin Harris & more. Work out in real-time with up to 6 friends in multiplayer and encourage each other over voice. Choose your favorite from the captivating environments. You can even start a 7-day FREE trial if you just want to try before you buy! It was rated the Best Fitness VR Game of 2020.

Is FitXR Worth It?

FitXR Review
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FitXR is an interesting option if you have a VR and are not a huge fan of gyms. It can get your heart rate up but is nothing extremely intensive. It is at least worth trying out.

If you already have a VR headset and can not go to a local gym due to the pandemic, then yes it is worth it. If you do not have a VR headset and do not plan to buy one. Then do not buy one just for this app. This app seems unique in that it allows you to work out and have fun doing it right at home and without any equipment. My family members love boxing in the VR and told me they haven’t sweated that much when not hitting the gym. And they felt super sore the next day.