Is Tracklib Royalty Free? Tracklib Review

Tracklib is a music sampling platform that allows musicians to find, gather, download, and acquire samples all in one spot. Over a hundred thousand samples and multi-tracks are accessible for legal usage on the Internet, with more being uploaded every week.

Is Tracklib Royalty Free?

Is Tracklib Royalty Free?

No, contrary to popular belief, Tracklib is not royalty-free, it is royalty-fair. Royalty-fair means that users can creatively use the provided samples for personal use or maybe for a YouTube project (not monetized) but can’t use the samples for a major label recording.

What is Tracklib?

What is Tracklib?

Tracklib is a music sampling service that enables artists, producers, and composers to reach their maximum creative potential. Creators may locate that ideal sound, a brilliant loop, or cut it up into bits by allowing customers to download whole tracks that have already been licensed for legal usage.

However, this isn’t your ordinary music sample site. Tracklib offers creative music by contemporary musicians as well as classical musicians. They don’t simply have loops or sample packs in their collection; they have actual songs from a ton of artists spanning hundreds of genres.

For any record producer in the globe, Tracklib service enables fast, straightforward, legal, and economical sampling. That’s the reason why artists like Jermaine Cole, Lil Wayne, and others have used this service to maximize their creative potential.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Users can search for the samples they would want to work with on Tracklib’s webpage, depending on the plans and policy you’ve purchased, you will have to either pay for the sample or you could use it for free. You can use the sample any way you like but only for commercial use and not for public release.

If you just can’t let go of the sample and want to release a song based on it, then you would have to buy the licensing rights of the music. But that’s not the end, you will have to pay a certain percentage of royalties to the original creator.

Tracklib Review

Tracklib Review
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Tracklib is regarded as one of the best in the industry for what it does. Great samples, great features, and competitive pricing.

As a music sample service, Tracklib has a variety of features and specifications. That is why it is currently regarded as one of the greatest on the market. Most of the individuals who have used Tracklib have spoken well of it. Let’s take a look into how productive and feature-filled the service is.

First off, the home screen is fairly minimalistic and has a list of options such as Genres, All tracks, and so on. You can browse samples and play samples right on the home screen and you can also loop a certain section of the song you’re listening to. It’s one of the best features of Tracklib.

The loop player can make finding great loops in every song in the Tracklib library a breeze. To enable loop mode, simply click the loop icon in the music player, and your loop will begin. You may loop by 1, 2, 4, or 8 bars, and you can download any loop to insert into your Digital Audio Workstation and cut it up however you like.

Tracklib has a few more similar features which make it one of the best music sampling services. The general appearance and user experience of this service, as well as the looping choices and the search tool, are all very simple and user-friendly, which is a great aspect of Tracklib.

In most circumstances, the cost of sample services is determined by the song. When it comes to Tracklib, though, you may signup to any of their packages and have access to a variety of unique song sample files, which is particularly useful for aspiring artists.

In music sample sites, search tools are critical, yet most of them lack them. Tracklib’s search interface is quite detailed, which is what makes it stand out as a strong candidate for the best music sampling service. 

Another great feature of Tracklib is the sheer number of tracks available. You’ll be able to locate everything you’re looking for, from Billboard 100 tops to outstanding forms of music from the last several centuries.

Besides the pros, Trackllib has a concerning con. One possible flaw with Tracklib is that none of the membership plans allows the user to download an infinite amount of samples. Even the most stringent restriction permits just 35 tracks every month, including two featured tunes. 

Maybe the problem with unlimited download is that users may download all songs they can for a whole month and unsubscribe for a couple of months until they need new samples again. Whatever the issue is, unlimited download is a feature that most users would appreciate.

Hence, if you’re heavily invested in the music industry, Tracklib is the go-to for samples.