What is Hushed and Why You Should be Using it: Hushed Review

Have you ever run out of phone numbers to use in order to verify an email? Or maybe you want to explore the dating world but are not yet dedicated to the idea that your real phone number can be seen.

It could be that you are just an individual who wants to keep an extra layer of privacy when doing sales calls or outreach. We all have our reasons why we look into having more than one number.

Your number is essential to you for a large portion of your life and if you are like many and you stick with the same phone plan, that number is with you all of your life. There are definitely arguments to be made for those who have multiple numbers.

In this article, we will explore the world of getting a secondary phone number and specifically one of the leading and most trusted companies to do it, Hushed.

What is Hushed

Hushed Review

Hushed is a secondary number provider for both wifi and data calling and texting. It also supports private and secure calls, texts pictures, and the ability to work on multiple devices in any location.

Hushed is a company that was founded in 2013 and has paved the way for private and secure secondary numbers. The company and service have now grown to service over 300 area codes in the US, UK, and Canada.

Hushed holds its service at an extraordinary level of excellence when it comes to privacy and connectivity. They soon wish to expand past the countries that they currently serve and provide this service to the world.

It is no question as to why Hushed has become such a prevalent company in this sector. Since their founding, they have pushed through the boundaries and continue to supply a solid service.

What Does Hushed Do?

Hushed is a service that provides safe and secure secondary numbers. They allow you to access a second number from any location on any device. This allows you to have peace of mind when doing business, contacting others, or any other need you may have.

Hushed allows its users to not only make secure wifi calls but also data calls. You have the ability to send images, and other media, as well as many other features.

In addition to this, you can have multiple numbers for multiple purposes. If you are one that needs to separate work from personal life, or maybe separate the different sectors of work, this can do it with ease.

Is Hushed Free?

Hushed is not a free service. The prices are extremely competitive, however, with their lowest tier plan starting at $1.99 a month!

Hushed, as with most of the secondary phone number services, doesn’t really allow for free options. With Hushed, you get extreme value and a trustworthy and feature-packed deal.

If you are looking for an extreme deal, Hushed is now offering a Lifetime Second Phone Number for just $25!

Hushed Plans and Pricing

Prepaid PlansUnlimited PlanPay-As-You-Go Plan
Starting at $1.99Starting at $3.99Starting at $4.99
– Customized Bundles for minutes and SMS
– 7 to 365-day flexible plans
– Pay once for short or long term plans
– Unlimited local calls and SMS
– Up to 3 lines
Save on Yearly plans
– International calling
– Extreme flexible plan and cancel whenever
– International SMS
Hushed Pricing Page

How to Get a Second Phone number

In order to get a second phone number, you will need to go through a service. Whether that be Google Voice, Text Now, or our personal recommendation, Hushed.

Here are the steps to getting your secondary phone number with Hushed:

  • Sign up for Hushed
  • Select your pricing plan
  • Choose a number
  • Use Hushed to text, call, and more!

It is that simple with Hushed! The service makes it extremely easy and depending on what plan you get, you could potentially also get even more numbers to manage through the same account.

Is it Worth Getting a Second Phone Number

Absolutely, many people use the same number for all use cases. This isn’t great for privacy or safety. Imagine having just one email for business, personal, work, school, spam, etc.. That would drive you nuts!

Having a secondary or a third or fourth number is smart if you are looking to have a level of privacy and separate your number use cases.

In many ways, Hushed could be your primary number that you just allocate friends and family to use. Or maybe you want to use your Hushed number as your “dating” number and keep your privacy until you get in a serious relationship.

The possibilities are endless!

Why Get a Second Phone Number?

A second phone number adds a second layer of privacy for yourself, as well as can separate your work from your personal life. Not only that, but you can filter out what exactly you want to be sent to that secondary number.

Many people ask “why” before they get a second but never “why” after they get a secondary phone number. This means, you only really start to see the benefits of getting a secondary phone number after you explore that option.

Hushed - get a second phone number for life

What Can You Use a Second Phone Number for

Here are some ways you can use a second phone number for:

  • Private Calls
  • Private Texts
  • Call Routing
  • Call Forwarding
  • Dating
  • Business
  • Sales
  • Area code change

These are only to list a few but the benefits and use cases for a second phone number are endless. You can customize your communications however you want.

Is Hushed Worth it?

Hushed Review
  • Service
  • Pricing
  • Customer Service
  • Features
  • Ease of Use


Hushed is an excellent service with amazing features and at extremely competitive pricing. The value here is undeniable!

Hushed is without a doubt worth it! The prices are extremely competitive, you are getting over 300 area codes and the ability to manage multiple numbers on any device from any location.

You get private and secure calling, SMS, and image sharing, as well as call forwarding, auto-reply, call routing, and dropbox/slack integration. Hushed has made the would of secondary phone numbers into a simple and sleek design and package.

Hushed is a great service with a trustworthy background. If you are in the market for secondary or more phone numbers, check out Hushed!