What is Nreal? – Everything You Need to Know

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By Rob Leung

With the recent explosion of popularity that the metaverse and augmented reality, in general, has gotten recently, a lot of previously unknown products and companies have recently come to light.

augmented reality is all but here and within the next few years, it will be a very real thing and within a decade it will be implemented and bonded with our everyday lives.

If you are curious about augmented reality then you most likely will be interested in this article and if you specifically searched for answers, then you also will enjoy the information in this article. So, let’s get into it.

What is Nreal?

What is Nreal?

Nreal is a company that makes Augmented Reality Products, namely, their Nreal Light and Air AR Glasses and Nebula.

Along with other innovative companies, Nreal is yet another voyager into the future of AR. They are paving the way to bring reality to a new and unexplored level. They have made quite an imprint on the market considering they are a fairly young company in respect to others.

Although there are many other products that revolve around AR glasses being developed, Nreal’s glasses seem to be among the most promising.

Featuring special abilities, like Spatial sound, dual microphones, interactivity with your phone, the Nreal Light and Air glasses are looking to be some serious competitors in the space.

Nreal History

Nreal was founded in 2017 with a focus on developing the MR (Mixed Reality) space. Although they are a mixed reality property at their core, they advance more towards being a major player in the Augmented Reality space.

Since their launch, they have received millions in funding from various angel investors and have gained a lot of attention from international companies, namely companies from china.

They made their first tech debut at CES 2019 with their Nreal Light AR Glasses. Their first debut was a massive success and caused for a lot of press and deals, not to mention getting lots more funding.

Since then they have been off to the stars and gaining not only more in investment funds, but also more in attention and traction.

What is The Difference Between The Nreal Air and The Nreal Light

What is Nreal?

The Nreal AR glasses are made to be sleek and noticeable and they come in both the LIGHT and the AIR. There are noticeable differences between the two.

The comparison between the two is pretty vast and a good way to think of it as if you were deciding between buying the Macbook Pro and the Macbook Air.

Although that comparison is a solid one to keep in mind, the differences between the Nreal Light and the Nreal Air are way larger.

Nreal Light Glasses

What is Nreal?

The Nreal Light glasses are the more interactive of the two. They feature dual microphones with the ability to work with your phone.

The Light’s additionally come with in-built speakers that will also work with your phone and feature a more immersive pair of glasses.

Additionally, the Light’s come with two spatial cameras that blend reality and augmented reality to make an immersive space around you.

The Light’s are the flagship product for Nreal and they come with the most features. They offer unique features and if you are looking for an all-around AR glass package, these are it.

Nreal Air Glasses

The Nreal Light’s are a more untethered option and if you have ever had a Macbook Air as opposed to a Macbook Pro, the Nreal Light’s are the Macbook Air.

These come with an inbuilt screen that can display and interact with reality while creating, well, an augmented one.

Other than the augmentation abilities, the Nreal Light’s don’t offer much more than that.

If you don’t need the microphones, spatial cameras, and audio speakers, then the Light’s with the base augmentation abilities, are a great cheaper option.

What is Nreal Nebula?

What is Nreal?

Nreal is most known for their Augmented Reality Glasses but they aren’t limited to just that. They also developed and are currently developing a way to convert your 2D entertainment, into a 3-dimensional view.

How Does Nreal Nebula Work?

Nebula works in that it mirrors your compatible phone and or device and projects it into a 3-dimensional space.

Not only does it just mirror your screen, but it processes it into an Augmented Reality space so that your real world can be interactive with the entertainment.

Have you ever seen those marvel movies where Tony stark is working on technology blueprints and is directly interacting with the projection? Nebula aims to create that.

Now, you can’t just use Nebula anywhere. You can only use Nebula in two types of spaces.

Nebula works with Air Casting, this allows you to mirror your screen to Nebula and Nebula will create an augmented 3D space for you to view with your Nreal Glasses.

The other way is with MR Space. This is where you can mirror your 2D entertainment to a 3D environment that has been developed by Nreal. This is something that will most likely be something for the future, but regardless, is an option with Nebula.


Nreal is a company with innovation in mind. They came in at CES 2019 and blew the doors off the place with their uniquely low-key and sleek designed glasses. They offer both the Light and the Air for your unique use case.

Although there are a lot of competitors and their fate is yet to be sealed, they are considered to be strong players in the AR field.

With the Meta-Verse and all of the Augmented reality talk going around, Nreal has a promising future. In terms of Nebula, they make it broad enough to where it can benefit users that have Nreal’s glasses, but they also work with spaces that have been developed and treated to be an Augmented reality space.

Will Augmented Reality become the new normal? Well, only time can tell, but we know that Nreal and others are making huge waves in the Tech space and they aren’t going anywhere.

You can read more and keep up with Nreal at their site: Nreal site