Is The RTX 2060 Still Good In 2022?

NVIDIA, one of the leading GPU manufacturing companies released its brand new RTX 20 series graphics card, the RTX 2060 in January 2019. This series was powered with next-gen ray-tracing cores that made it one of the most advanced graphics cards. Moreover, during its release, NVIDIA labeled it as the fastest performer that provided the latest AI features.

However, since its first release in 2019, both AMD and NVIDIA have released more advanced GPUs that can deliver a better gaming experience.  With the availability of the latest graphics cards like RTX30 series and AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT, AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT, and many more, questions have been raised regarding the usability of RTX 2060 in 2022.

If you are considering buying a new gaming PC, then you may be wondering if the RTX 2060 is still worth purchasing. If you are wondering about this, you are not alone. Below, we answer it for you.

Features and Specs

The RTX 2060 series comes with 1920 CUDA cores that make the processing extremely fast. Moreover, as it belongs to the RTX series it already incorporates the ray-tracing cores that can cast 5 Giga rays per second.

It features 52 teraflops of tensor core processing, a 6-gigabyte frame buffer, and the fastest memory in the world GDDR6. All these engine specs make the RTX 2060 a beast gaming GPU.

Moving on to its technical support unit, it consists of the NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 AI rendering that produces sharper and high-resolution images. The RTX 2060 gives its users the GeForce experience with NVIDIA GPU Boost, NVIDIA Ansel, and NVIDIA Encoder. This graphic card is VR-ready comes with game-ready drivers and provides maximum digital resolution up to 7680*4320.

Gaming Benchmarks

We tested the RTX 2060 for many popular titles on the market. Games like Battlefront 2, Squad, Halo Mcc, and Risk of Rain 2 worked at 120+ fps for ultra settings. Similarly, games like Hell let loose and Mordhau worked at 60+ fps. Overall, the GeForce RTX 2060 Mobile can run 798 games out of the top 1000 demanded games in 2022.

Virtual Ray Tracing

The NVIDIA comes with a feature of virtual ray tracing. The cores of the RT are designed to accelerate the key math which aids in the virtual ray tracing process. This feature basically enables you to view physically accurate shadows and illuminations.

Thermal Design

There is a term TDP (Thermal Design Power) which affects the performance-to-power ratio of these graphic cards. If the TDP of the card is high, it requires a better cooling system to operate smoothly. A high TDP rate also indicates more power consumption.

Compared with its predecessors and successors, the RTX 2060 has a Thermal Design Power of 160 Watts, which is greater than the 120W of the NVIDIA GTX 1060. In contrast, the TDP of RTX 3060 is much higher than both of these at 170W.

Thus, to power an NVIDIA RTX 2060 gaming graphics card correctly, you need at least a 600W power supply. If you purchase n RTX 2060 in 2022, do check for connectors in your card that fit your PC. You can also always spend extra on a new adapter.

Is The RTX 2060 Still Good?


A graphics card GPU memory is one of its vital specifications. It directly dictates your gaming performance. To play games at a resolution of 1080p, you need at least 6GB of memory. So, if you are a 1080p gamer, this graphics card can cover your needs.

If you are a serious gamer and enjoy titles that feature high 4k resolutions, you need at least 8 or 12GB of GPU memory. In that case, you have to opt for the NVIDIA RTX 3060 which flaunts a massive 12GB memory and smoothly supports even some of the demanding 4K titles.


There is a lot of debate going on on the internet in the selection of these two graphics cards. For us, the RTX 2060 is the clear winner. Even though both the gaming cards are designed to handle 1080p-based games well and both of them come equipped with 6GB memory, we found out that the RTX 2060 is a bit faster than the NVIDIA GTX 1060.

Upon testing Red Dead Redemption 2, the FPS was observed as 79 to 42 in the favor of RTX 2060. This is a huge margin that cannot be overlooked as gaming performance is the most significant factor for graphic cards.

The major difference between the RTX 2060 and GTX 1060is that the former supports Ray Tracing. Thus, you will experience better shadows, highlights, and illuminations while gaming on the RTX 2060 card.

Benefits of Purchasing RTX 2060 in 2022

There are many benefits to purchasing an RTX 2060 in 2022. First of all, it is one of the best graphic cards for running 1080p games. The RTX 2060 has a memory speed of fourteen Gbps. In comparison, a lot of expensive RTX 360 is only one unit faster than 2060. The RTX 3060 defeats 2060 by 19% in the performance sector though.

You can also get this graphics card used at a cheap rate from second-hand stores like eBay. The resale value of the NVIDIA products is also decent. In addition, the RTX 2060 is future-proof with its VR headset compatibility and Ray Tracing feature.

Alternatives of RTX 2060

There are many alternatives to RTX 2060 on the market. If you want to spend extra bucks, you can always opt for an RTX 3060. If you want to stay on the budget side, going with AMD Radeon RX 570 or the NVIDIA GTX 1060 could be great options. Since each of these graphics cards has a sector they specialize in so you’ll certainly find your match.

Is The RTX Still Good in 2022?

RTX 2060 Review
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The RTX 2060 is an excellent card for 1080p and 1440p gaming. The RTX most likely not be of any use to you here since this is a 2060 and not the 2070 or 2080, but regardless, great card overall!

The RTX 2060 is a must-have graphics card if you are someone who likes to enjoy games at 1080p. In that case, it is still good and worth it in 2022. However, if you are looking to load up some high-spec games at 4k, there are certainly better choices.

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