How to Overclock Your Switch: Ultimate Guide

How to overclock switch

Though Nintendo has made upgrades to the system time and again by releasing more of the console’s power, its internal Tegra X1 chip still isn’t fully optimized. This makes it harder to play some power-hungry games. As a result, gamers have found a solution. By overclocking the system, they have found a way to draw … Read more

Is It Better To Have A Lighter Mouse?

There are many different types of mice some are bigger and heavier and some are smaller and lighter but what is the deciding point for when choosing your mouse today I will be answering the question Is It Better To Have A Lighter Mouse. What Is Wrong with Heavy Mice Heavy mice are fine for … Read more

How to Overclock a PS4 Controller: Ultimate Overclocking Guide

How to Overclock a PS4 Controller

If you game on a computer with a controller, you will most likely notice the latency, but what if you can change that to get down to 1 millisecond response time? In this article, I will be showing you how to overclock a PS4 controller. Want a controller with back paddles without having to pay … Read more

Are Curved Monitors Good for Gaming?

Curved monitors are one of many staples of gamers. Another may be lots of RGB (Red Green Blue) lighting on their peripherals and even their gaming computers. But do curved monitors actually give any benefits to a gamer? Do they help with productivity? Or are they simply just a coolness factor? All these questions will … Read more

Is Davinci Resolve Good for Youtube?

Davinci Resolve is free editing software that has recently been growing in popularity. Is it good enough for youtube? How does it compare to higher-end paid software such as Sony Vegas or Adobe’s Premiere Pro? Capabilities What are Davinci Resolve’s capabilities? well, it can do almost anything that higher-end programs can, but for free. Now … Read more

Are Integrated Graphics Good For Gaming?

What are integrated graphics in the first place, and how do they work? Well, Integrated graphics is when instead of using a graphics card, as most computers do, they buy a processor with the ability to process images as well as system commands. Does this mean that no money needs to be invested into a … Read more

Are Monitors Better than TV’s for Gaming?

To the average person the monitor or a TV is just a screen, and nothing more. However, there is much that goes into a TV and monitor, especially gaming monitors. Is a monitor better for gaming? This question has many factors and cannot be answered in a yes or no form. The answer depends on … Read more

Best Way to Backup iPhone Photos

Backup iPhone photos

There are tons of cloud services providing storage to those who take lots of photos on their smartphone. Which means of backup service is suitable for you? Here, you will discover some of the best ways to backup iPhone photos. iCloud Photo Library iCloud Photo Library is one of the many cloud services on the … Read more

Does Apple Watch Drain iPhone Battery?

Apple Watch and iPhone

There have been numerous threads in Apple Discussion about the Apple Watch draining iPhone battery. Since people have been facing the iPhone gradually decreasing battery percentage after pairing it to the smartwatch. If you own a brand new Apple Watch, you will notice a slight decrease in the iPhone’s battery, but it stops after 2 … Read more