Is Davinci Resolve Good for Youtube?

Davinci Resolve is free editing software that has recently been growing in popularity. Is it good enough for youtube? How does it compare to higher-end paid software such as Sony Vegas or Adobe’s Premiere Pro?


What are Davinci Resolve’s capabilities? well, it can do almost anything that higher-end programs can, but for free. Now you may be thinking that there must be a catch, but there is not, Davinci Resolve is a great program that is simple, easy to understand, and It doesn’t even have a watermark.

The program also has a paid version for a one-time purchase of $299 USD. This version of the program can handle anything you can throw at it, which is why it is used in professional movie editing.


How does Davinci Resolve compare to the prestigious Adobe Premiere Pro? The main difference is the price and not capabilities, Davinci is surprisingly a very good, and powerful program. If you don’t have a lot of money or just can not afford the hefty price of the monthly Premiere Pro then this is the program for you.

Sony Vegas also is a paid program and for the price, or rather lack of price with Davinci Resolve it is much more worth it to learn to use Davinci Resolve. The Program is very good, and even though is growing in popularity, still does not get enough attention.

With the price being as it is, and the capabilities that it has it is clear why it is Hollywood’s #1 Post Solution. Davinci Resolve is used in professional movie editing, if this is not enough to sell you I do not know what will. The program’s paid version is only a one-time purchase and is only $299 compared to both Sony Vegas and Premiere Pro which are monthly purchases.

Is Davinci Resolve Good For Youtube?

Is Davinci Resolve Good for Youtube?

Yes, the free editing software is perfect for youtube editing and most other things as well. However, the paid version is only a one time purchase and should be heavily considered if you want to do more than just youtube editing. Considering that the program is used in professional movie editing I believe that the program is capable of anything a youtube editing software would need.

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Unlike Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas, Davinci Resolve uses a tab format. All different types of actions can be done in a separate tab and add to the efficiency and usability of the software.

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Davinci Resolve Pro is a great YouTube content creation tool. You have so many options. You will need to research and learn more about the software because it offers so much, but when you understand it, you will be unstoppable.

We have talked about the Davinci Resolve free version a lot but what does the paid version offer? Well, Davinci Resolves paid version adds a denoiser feature which is very useful if there is background noise in a clip.

Some other features that are added are 8k-16k resolution processing, it adds 3D tools, motion blur, a teamwork feature is very nice, you can work with someone else on a Davinci Resolve project. Davinci also adds features like HDR color grading and has amazing customer support to help you with anything.