How to Overclock a Xbox Controller

when on PC it is nice to have a controller because there are a lot of games that feel and are easier on the controller, but when you use a controller you can tell that there is a bit of a delay but what if you get rid of your delay to make a much smoother game-play experience. In this article, I will be showing you how to overclock your Xbox controller.

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What is overclocking a controller

Overclocking a controller is when you push or increase the clock rate of the controller past the recommended clock rate by the manufacturer. When this process is done it will lower the millisecond response time of your controller or whatever you are overclocking.

Why Should You Overclock Your Contoller

When you overclock your controller you are getting a much faster response time which lets you be faster than other people which gives the player advantage. But you don’t have to get mad cause anyone can Overclock their controller.

Is It Dangorous To Overclock Your Xbox Controller

No, It Is not dangerous to overclock your Xbox controller, but when you overclock other things without proper cooling it can be dangerous.

Step One Of Overclocking

When trying to overclock your Xbox controller you will first need to download WinRAR. You can download WinRAR here. You will also need to download a file called LordOfMice which you can download here.

Step two

Once you have downloaded the file, you will open the file and click on the driver. After you click driver, you extract it to your desktop. Once complete, go to your desktop and open the file then click setup click yes and a new tab should open up

Step Three

In this new tab near devices switch it to all look for USB audio devise wireless controller on the bottom of the tab click default change it to 1000 and check the filter on a device then click install service then disconnect then reconnect your controller and you should be good.

Finial Step

Now that you have done all the steps you can use your controller with a 1ms response time. this will only work if you have a monitor because TVs have a higher response time so if you have a TV there is no need to do this.

What About Overclocking a PS4 Controller

Thankfully there is an Article on TechTastes that will show you how to Overclock your PS4 controller, but it’s basically the same process as you would do to overclock your Xbox controller.

You can find it here.

What Are Other Things You Can Overclock

There Is a wide variety of devices to overclock such as GPU, CPU, monitors, etc. but most other devices usually need extra cooling or very good cooling to overclock them.

My Thoughts

Overclocking your Xbox controller is super important for gaming because it gives you a player advantage when you playing games by lowering your clock rate. Also if you have a PS4 controller you can do the same thing to overclock it.

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