How to Overclock an Xbox Controller: Ultimate Overclocking Guide

when on PC it is nice to have a controller because there are a lot of games that feel and are easier on the controller, but when you use a controller you can tell that there is a bit of a delay what if you get rid of your delay to make a much smoother game-play experience. Although this isn’t a must-have for many people, if you are competitive and like to play FPS games, this could be a real game changer. In this article, we will be showing you how to overclock your Xbox controller.

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What is Overclocking a Controller?

Overclocking a controller is when you increase the clock rate of the controller past the default clock rate set by the manufacturer. When this process is done it will lower the millisecond response time of your controller or whatever device you are overclocking. Done safely, this increases the overall performance, but done incorrectly, it could brick your controller or device. So please be careful and take the proper precautions when overclocking your controller.

Why Should You Overclock Your Controller

When you overclock your controller, you get a much faster response time which lets you have a slightly faster “reaction time” than other players. This isn’t a guaranteed win but it gets you a slightly more competitive edge over your competition. In addition, this makes movement and aiming much more fluid as you don’t feel as much delay as you normally would with a non-overclocked controller.

Is It Dangerous To Overclock Your Controller

No, It Is not dangerous to overclock your Xbox controller, but when you overclock other things without proper cooling it can be dangerous. As always, if you push the controller too far and try to overclock your controller to speeds that are not safe, you can brick your controller.

How to Overclock An Xbox Controller

How to overclock Your Xbox controller
  1. Download WinRAR. (
  2. Download the Overclocking Driver/ software for the Xbox controller. (
  3. Use a USB-C cable to connect the Xbox controller through any PC.
  4. Extract all downloaded files.
  5. Open the ‘Driver’ file from the list of extracted files.
  6. Set up the file and allow all changes requested.
  7. A new tab appears. Go to the top left, and search for ‘Devices.’ Click on the drop-down, and choose ‘All.’
  8. Change to ‘1000’ on the right of ‘Filter on Device.’ Check ‘Filter on Device.’
  9. Click on Install Service.
  10. Disconnect the controller and reconnect (Unplug the controller and plug it in again).
  11. With the ‘Rate’ column at 1000, the controller’s latency can be as low as 1 ms.