Does Apple Watch Drain iPhone Battery?

There have been numerous threads in Apple Discussion about the Apple Watch draining iPhone battery. Since people have been facing the iPhone gradually decreasing battery percentage after pairing it to the smartwatch. If you own a brand new Apple Watch, you will notice a slight decrease in the iPhone’s battery, but it stops after 2 months or so. To be precise, yes! The claim is positive that the Apple Watch drains the iPhone battery; however, you can solve it independently with general fixes.

Causes of Battery Drain on iPhone

  • At first, Apple Watch uses heavy data sync with the iPhone to share your exercise, running, and walking behavior. These behaviors are used as a blueprint at iPhone’s end to map a similar pattern the next time you perform the identical activity.
  • Another prime cause of battery drain is due to Wi-Fi and GPS usage to send and receive messages over Apple Watch.
  • The third-party application on Apple Watch with GPS services uses an iPhone’s battery for connection and syncing, resulting in battery drain over the iPhone.

How to solve Battery Drain on the iPhone due to Apple Watch

Nonetheless, the issue basically occurs when you have an older version of iOS and WatchOS, which is incompatible with the latest services. Updating an Apple WatchOS and iOS helps to solve an issue. Follow through with the stepwise guideline for a software update.

Update to latest iOS

Software Update
Software Update

Step 1: At first, make sure you have a proper backup of your iPhone.

Step 2: Now, go to “Settings” and then to “General” settings.

Step 3: Similarly, tap on “General” and then to “Software Update.”

Step 4: If prompted, enter the passcode and agree to the terms and conditions.

Update to latest WatchOS

WatchOS update
WatchOS update

Step 1: Keep your Apple Watch charging while you run through the WatchOS update.

Step 2: Go to the Watch application on your phone and navigate to the “My Watch” section.

Step 3: Now, go to “General” settings and tap on “Software Update.”

Step 4: Let the update download and wait a couple of minutes before Apple Watch restarts.

Unpair and Repair Apple Watch

Unpair Apple Watch

Unpair Apple Watch
Unpair Apple Watch

Step 1: Go to the Apple Watch application from the home screen.

Step 2: Then, go to the “My Watch” section and navigate the “All Watches” section.

Step 3: Select your watch and tap on the info button at the right-hand corner.

Step 4: Tap on the “Unpair Apple Watch” option to unpair it from the iPhone.

Repair Apple Watch

Re-pair Apple Watch
Re-pair Apple Watch

Step 1: Press and hold the Apple Watch’s side button for some seconds to turn it on.

Step 2: When Apple Watch and iPhone are close to each other, the iPhone receives a pop-up saying to pair Apple Watch.

Step 3: Tap “Continue” on the iPhone and start pairing.

Step 4: Next, hold your iPhone over the animation on the watch and center the watch face in the viewfinder.

Apple Watch Viewfinder
Apple Watch Viewfinder

Step 5: Wait for the confirmation of pairing and setup Apple Watch with required preferences.