How to Overclock a PS4 Controller

If you game on a computer with a controller, you will most likely notice the latency, but what if you can change that to get down to 1 millisecond response time. In this article, I will be showing you how to overclock a PS4 controller.

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What is overclocking?

Overclocking is when you increase the clock rate of a devise past certified by the manufacturer. This is done to lower the milliseconds of response time, but this will increase the amount of heat emitting from your devices, whether a PC, monitor, or controller.

Is It good to overclock?

Yes, overclocking is a great thing for your PC that will increase your speed and performance it will need proper cooling and airflow. I would not recommend an older GPU or CPU, But if your GPU or CPU is newer and you have proper airflow I would recommend Overclocking.

Is overclocking dangerous?

Overclocking in a PC can be dangerous without proper cooling. But if properly cooled, your PC should have normal temperatures as controllers; it is completely safe to the user unless your battery is very old.

Things you can overclock

There are many things you can overclock such as GPU, CPU, controllers… But make sure you have proper cooling

Why Overclock Your Controller?

The reason for Overclocking is to lower your ms to get a faster response time. This will improve your gaming and you make everything more smooth and fast.

Step 1

To overclock your controller, you will need to download WinRAR. You can download it here link. For this process, You need to download a link. After you go to this link, you need to download it.

Step 2

Once you have downloaded the file, you will open the file and click on the driver. After you click driver, you extract it to your desktop. Once complete, go to your desktop and open the file then click setup click yes and a new tab should open up

Step 3

In this new tab near devices switch it to all look for USB audio devise wireless controller on the bottom of the tab click default change it to 1000 and check the filter on device then click install service then disconnect then reconnect your controller and you should be good

Final Step

Now that you have done all the steps you can use your controller with a 1ms response time. this will only work if you have a monitor because TVs have a higher response time so if you have a TV there is no need to do this.

What about overclocking a Xbox

We also have an in-depth article on Tech Tastes talking about how to overclock your Xbox controller.

Click here to see it

My Thoughts

I would highly suggest doing this trust me you will notice a difference and it will increase your skill to become quicker. For PC controller players you should do this.

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