Is It Better To Have A Lighter Mouse?

There are many different types of mice some are bigger and heavier and some are smaller and lighter but what is the deciding point for when choosing your mouse today I will be answering the question Is It Better To Have A Lighter Mouse.

What Is Wrong with Heavy Mice

Heavy mice are fine for casual gameplay and all-around gamingl, but once you get to higher-level gameplay, it is a lot better to have a lighter mouse for faster response and flicks just all-around movement when playing First Person Shooter.

Pros for lighter a mouse

Lighter mice are great for first-person shooters, so you can flick and aim faster. They are usually are easier to glide across your desk. They are also usually more expensive so if it fits in your budget then it’s a great choice

Cons with Lighter Mice

Lighter mice usually remove features to make them lighter. This means that you will only get a max of two side buttons. So if you play MMO’s or survival games I would get a different mouse with more side buttons.

The Best Lightest Mouse (Opinion)

I believe that the Glorious model O is the best lightest mouse because it has a great sensor, can come in Bluetooth and wired, and has RGB. You are only limited with two side buttons though but it is still viable. This is a great mouse for first-person shooters and all-around use.

Best Budget Light Mouse

The 2Extreme Mouse is a great buy with a great design and great sensor at the price of 20$. this mouse is ambidextrous and has two side buttons and some nice RGB. The design is not a honeycomb look which makes it different but still looks nice.

Is a Light Mouse Better For Gaming?

Yes, in the right context. For first-person shooters, yes, but when playing any other games that are not first-person shooters it goes down to the preference of the user and what they like. price is another deal-breaker for people.

Prices of Light Mice

Actually, not all the lighter mice are not too expensive with one of the best of them being only 80$, and the lower end ones at 20$. There are some that are expensive but most of the time you’re getting what you paid for at reasonable prices.

Why Is The Texture Like That

The reason that most, if not all light mice have this strange honeycomb design is to reduce the weight of the mouse. This eliminates the unnecessary weight of the mouse to create a lighter and faster design for the user, making their quick flicks and movement easier.

Limitation in Side Buttons

There is not necessarily anything wrong with having only two side buttons, but that you will be limited with your customization. I recommend changing the key binds to your keyboard hotkeys for ease of access. This will help your ability in games or keys for editing to make changes quickly for when it is necessary. extra buttons just make most things easier for you.