Best Budget Laptops 2022

If you are like me you love computers but sometimes are on the road or at someone else’s house and can’t just bring your PC everywhere you go. The only issue here is that laptops can be very expensive. So today I will be showing you the best budget laptops of 2022 starting from the … Read more

Best Budget Wireless Gaming Headset: Ultimate List

If you are like me, wires are not your thing. Always getting tangled and having to be aware of the limited range of movement. I recently switched over to a Wireless Gaming Headset myself. The only issue here is that wireless gaming headsets can be very expensive. So, here are the best budget wireless gaming … Read more

Best MacBook for College

Best macbook for college

No matter what major you are studying, your student life will remain centered around the laptop. Whether you are attending online classes, writing reports, or researching online, you have to have your laptop ready to use. You also want a device that will be great for streaming, gaming, and recording. There is a good chance … Read more

Best Way to Backup iPhone Photos

Backup iPhone photos

There are tons of cloud services providing storage to those who take lots of photos on their smartphone. Which means of backup service is suitable for you? Here, you will discover some of the best ways to backup iPhone photos. iCloud Photo Library iCloud Photo Library is one of the many cloud services on the … Read more

Best iPhone Cases

Best iPhone Case

Even though iPhones are considered relatively durable than other smartphones in the market, dropping iPhones on the hard surface can mean a costly repair. This year Apple has pulled through to make iPhones more durable than ever, thanks to the additional Ceramic shield glasses in iPhone 12 line-up. It’s hurried to replace the cracked and … Read more

Best Apple Watch

Best Apple Watch

Apple just finished its annual September event and released the new Apple Watch Series 6. Adjacent to Apple Watch Series 6, Apple also announced the Apple Watch SE. If you visit the Apple store right now, you have 3 product options and their variants available to buy: the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, … Read more

Does Apple Watch Drain iPhone Battery?

Apple Watch and iPhone

There have been numerous threads in Apple Discussion about the Apple Watch draining iPhone battery. Since people have been facing the iPhone gradually decreasing battery percentage after pairing it to the smartwatch. If you own a brand new Apple Watch, you will notice a slight decrease in the iPhone’s battery, but it stops after 2 … Read more

Does iPhone Stop Charging at 100?

iPhone stops charging at 100

After a hectic day of work, you come to your home and think to get some soothing time with the new Netflix originals. But, as you look onto your battery, you see the percentage to be a little over 90. So, you might doubt whether you could complete the session with this battery percentage. Then, … Read more

Does iOS 14 Drain Battery?

iPhone battery

It’s normal for the software update to have issues and glitches. Some iOS updates are made with the mindset to enhance user experience but fail to immune to battery health. Apple just released documentation stating the ways to fix battery health issues after the iOS 14 update. Now, you might be in a weird situation … Read more

How to screenshot on Mac?

MacBook Screenshot

Taking a screenshot on Mac computers is relatively easy, but some find it hard. This applies mainly to the users who come from the Windows environment. Sometimes people get confused with the key combination to take the screenshot. Here are comprehensive methods that assist you to take a screenshot on Mac that work on both … Read more