Best Apple Watch

Apple just finished its annual September event and released the new Apple Watch Series 6. Adjacent to Apple Watch Series 6, Apple also announced the Apple Watch SE. If you visit the Apple store right now, you have 3 product options and their variants available to buy: the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch Series 3. 

The line-up Apple has put into the market has never been formidable for new Apple Watch buyers to choose the right model. Adding one of these Apple watches to the cart can be overwhelming at first, but it might be the perfect fit for your needs and budget.

Person wearing Apple Watch

The most significant difference one can easily notice in the Apple Watch is the finish. The Series 3 just gets silver and Space gray aluminum finishes while the SE variant adds gold aluminum. The all-new Apple Watch Series 6 adds two brand new aluminum blue and product red. Apple Watch Series 6 starts at $199 and has the least features compared to the most recent Series 6 and SE model. The Apple Watch SE starts at $279, and Apple Watch Series 6 goes higher up to $399. 

On an account, the best Apple Watch you can buy right now is the latest and most incredible Apple Watch Series 6. What makes it the best smartwatch from Apple? Let’s dive into it.

Apple Watch Series 6 Overview

Apple watch Series 6

First of all, the Apple Watch Series 6 is available in either a 40 or 44-millimeter variant to suit all wrist sizes, and the functionality stays the same. You can choose the finish that comes in Aluminum stainless steel or titanium along with the size selection. If you are one who does outdoor adventuring, you have an option of sapphire glass for hardiness.

The retina display in Apple Watch Series 6 is now brighter than ever. The screen on this wrist rocket is impressive with a slight curve at the end and has a thin finish. The Series 6 gets even better at water resistance up to 50 meters. The new watch OS interface upgraded at series 6 is simple and easy to use, even for beginners.

The 32 gigs of storage rocking on the Apple Watch Series 6 make it possible to sync your music, audiobook, and podcast anytime.

If you are into fitness tracking, the Apple Watch Series 6 is just designed for you. It gets all the general features like step tracking, heart rate notification, and sleep tracking. Additionally, with Apple Watch 6 series, you get blood oxygen monitoring and the ECG app.

The fantastic blood oxygen level feature, though not perfect in terms of accuracy, helps to possibly diagnose any health problem that might need a check-up. The ECG app monitors and records heart-beat using an electric heart sensor embedded underneath the watch. Subsequently, you are getting possibly every exercise you would do and monitor your performance.

Now you might be sure to choose between the Apple Watches available in the store. Apple Watch Series 6 just got real with all the additional features and functionality.