Does iPhone Stop Charging at 100?

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By Rob Leung

After a hectic day of work, you come to your home and think to get some soothing time with the new Netflix originals. But, as you look onto your battery, you see the percentage to be a little over 90. So, you might doubt whether you could complete the session with this battery percentage. Then, you put it in a charge but fell asleep with the charger plugged in.

The other morning, you wake up realizing if your iPhone is busted due to an overcharge. Don’t worry, that’s not going to happen. This article further explains what causes your battery to stop charging.

Does iPhone Stop Charging at 100?

If you have updated your iPhone to iOS 13 then, yes, the iPhone automatically stops charging at 100.

Why does iPhone Stop Charging at 100?

iPhone at 100% charge

When you look at the way the iPhone charges, it will be charged fast up to 80%, then slows down from 80 to 100%. It’s the inbuilt mechanism that the iPhone Company has implemented to its product. After it reaches the 100, the topmost mark, the charging cycles get on and off. This process is called trickle charging, and its primary significance is to hold on to the charge to its maximum point at 100. So, this is a significant reason for not charging at 100.

Moreover, the issues of charging along with the cracks on the screen, are the major problems that iPhone users face. Over a period of time, battery life degrades, and it is the natural phenomena. So, considering these, there can be various aspects that you might find your battery stop charging. So, here we shall discuss some of the key reasons for this.

The battery turned to Self-preserving

If your iPhone battery shows that it has stopped charging at 100, then there might be an initiation taken by Apple. This might be to improve the battery lifespan by keeping it uncharged after it reaches 100. Most of the users tend to keep it in a charging mode, but as you all know, this might be harmful to the battery’s service life. Holding a charge to 100 impacts the lithium batteries significantly and reduces the effective lifespan to a considerable amount. Also, charging it for an extended period of time heats your iPhone. So, these might be the reasons that Apple has chosen to make it stop charging once it reaches 100.

iPhone being too warm

Overheated iPhone

Another possible reason for your iPhone to stop charging is due to the hot temperature. Heat is the most dreadful element that can damage your iPhone. Suppose you go to warm places and charge it through your cables, then the iPhone instantly will show it not charging after it reaches 100. It is because Apple wants to keep its battery safe and does not want to degrade its lifespan in hot weather.

Yes, there is definitely a relation to the charging and the climatic condition you live in, and this is the perfect reason to show how your battery stops at 100.