Top 7 Best RBG Power Supplies

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By Rob Leung

If we were to be honest with each other, RGB lighting accomplishes nothing, but we gamers love it anyway. We add RGB to our ram, our cases, graphics cards, and essentially anything and everything that can possibly have. The one component that seems to be an odd place to put RGB is on a power supply. Most power supplies have a cover over them and well, an RGB power supply wouldn’t really accomplish anything.

However, because more and more of our tech is featuring RGB lighting, many of the newer cases allow for the power supply to be completely visible. For some, this change is welcome, as they are looking into getting a good-looking power supply, but for others, this means that your ugly power supply will be there for everyone to see. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of the best RGB power supplies that you can buy right now!

7. Thermaltake Smart RGB

Best RGB Gaming Power Supplies

If you want a good-looking power supply with decent reliability and RGB support, the Thermaltake Smart 500W is a great option. This is truly one of the most budget-friendly power supplies on the market, and unlike others, this comes with a fully-featured RGB color range. The design is simple and looks great. Many that buy this power supply will remove the decal on the side of the power supply to make it more minimalistic, but overall it looks great and functions well.

The downside to the power supply is that it is not semi or fully modular, instead, you get stuck with one large bundle of wires and no way to customize your wires or cables. The good news is that you get a reliable power supply and if the lower power rating doesn’t bother you, this is decently efficient as well, but you won’t be getting the best of the best. The RGB is limited to switching between 15 different lighting modes and a variety of colors.

Price: $51.33
Wattage: 500W
Power Rating: 80+ White
Wire Configuration: Non-Modular

6. Apevia ATX-PM

Best RGB gaming power supply

One of the most cost-effective options on this list is the Apevia ATX-PM. Not only is the price cheaper than other power supplies with these features, but it has great RGB colors and vibrance. You get a Gold standard power rating and an insane 1000W to use. Finding a gold standard power supply that has over 750W of power for under $100 is extremely hard to find. Apevia isn’t the most well-known and established brand, but user reviews show that you can trust this product.

Although what would make this power supply an even sweeter deal, having a fully-modular system is not included in the PSU. Instead, you get a semi-modular PSU which allows you to customize the color of your cables. Luckily, the cables that are most shown are the ones that you can swap out on this power supply, leaving the larger black sleeve bundle of cables hidden in most cases. If you want the best value, this power supply is a steal.

Price: $86.99
Wattage: 1000W
Power Rating: 80+ Gold
Wire Configuration: Semi-Modular

5. Corsair CX750F

RGB gaming power supply

Although this isn’t as much of a bargain as the Apevia, Corsair has always been the staple of power supplies, cases, and computer hardware for years. The RGB in the CX750F is almost unmatched with vibrance and customizability. It works seamlessly with your software and can pair with all of your other iCUE devices. The design of the PSU is very attractive and modern and the build quality is just as nice as you would expect from a Corsair product.

Luckily, the Corsair CX750F features a fully-modular PSU that allows you full control over your cables of choice. If you decide you want purple cables, then Corsair will allow you to do that. The 750-watt power supply doesn’t have as much power as some other competitors offer in this price range, and you only get an 80+ Bronze rating, but Corsair is just about as reliable as you can get and the added benefit of being able to work seamlessly with iCUE, this is still a great PSU.

Price: $109.99
Wattage: 750 Watt
Power Rating: 80+ Bronze
Wire Configuration: Fully-Modular

4. GAMEMAX Power Supply

RGB Power Supply

GameMax has made some incredible leaps in the past few years. It is an up-and-coming brand that has offered many gaming and PC enthusiasts premium quality products at a great price. The 850W PSU will be more than enough power for your PC setup and the RGB design is a bit different than what you may expect. The RGB is on the rim of the fan instead of the fan itself. This is unique in the market because most PSU makers allow for the fan to have RGB.

If this look appeals to you more than what you would normally see, the price, wattage, and rating are great! You are getting a gold standard badge and a fully-modular PSU. Although the brand may look a bit unsafe to buy from, GameMax has been around for a decent while and has made some serious progress in the PSU scene. Thousands of customers have bought their products and given them 5-star reviews. This is a great value and an excellent RGB power supply.

Price: $119.99
Wattage: 850W
Power Rating: 80+ Gold
Wire Configuration: Fully-Modular

3. Thermaltake Toughpower Grand

Gaming Power Supply

Yet again, Thermaltake has a great power supply with its aggressive and iconic color range. With a sufficient 850W power supply and a gold smart standard, if you love Thermaltake products, this will not disappoint. Similar to the GameMax PSU, the RGB elements are on the frame of the fan rather than the fan itself. This is a design that many will prefer over what usually is done in the market. A staple of Thermaltake’s brand is the RGB color range, and if you have ever owned a Thermaltake RGB product, you know exactly what we mean.

This PSU is also fully modular and looks incredible in any case. The simple design and lack of any obnoxious additions to the exterior make this a sleek and stealthy PSU, aside from the raging RGB of course. The price is a bit high for many buyers that are looking for an 850W power supply, but the gold standard and the fully-modular feature, make this acceptable at that price point. If all your boxes are checked off, this is a great buy!

Price: $149.99
Wattage: 850W
Power Rating: 80+ Gold
Wire Configuration: Fully-Modular

2. GAMEMAX Power Supply

RGP gaming power supplies

Yet again, GameMax surprises computer enthusiasts with an incredibly impressible 1050W power supply with great RGB features and a gold standard rating. The look of the power supply is excellent and the quality is top-notch. The price of this PSU is compatible with what some other companies are charging for an 850W power supply, so the value is definitely there. It is also compatible with MSI, Gigabyte, and Asus RGB systems.

The fully modular feature allows you to take full control over the PSU and given the unique RGB features and designs, this could be a true enthusiast’s purchase. There are few that would need over 1000+ wattage, but for those that are running Nvidias best of the best, this beast of a power supply will handle anything and everything you could think of. The quality of the hardware is about as good as you can get and as always, the user reviews speak for themselves and the GameMax is an excellent purchase.

Price: $149.99
Wattage: 1050W
Power Rating: 80+ Gold
Wire Configuration: Fully-Modular

1. ASUS Rog Thor

Gaming power supplies with RGB

Asus ROG is considered to be the top-of-the-line gaming PC hardware. This line of products is unbeatable and offers pure performance and quality. The price tag is always reflective of this but for good reason. If you want the best of the best the Asus ROG Thor is going to be the beast of a PSU that you will want to buy. The RGB features are synced with your software and they feature a more unique design with the symbol and other areas being RGB.

You can always swap the fan out for an RGB fan but you may find some issues with that. RGB aside, the PSU features 1200W and a rating of 80+ Platinum. It is also fully modular and has options and configurations that many won’t even use. The design is aggressive and premium looking and the performance is unmatched. If you want the best on the market for the price and you feel like showing off that you have a killer power supply, the Asus ROG Thor may be the PSU for you.

Price: $349.99
Wattage: 1200W
Power Rating: 80+ Platinum
Wire Configuration: Fully-Modular