Top 5 FREE Editing Programs Without a Watermark

There are thousands of editing software out there, however, Almost all of them have to be paid for or, after hours of work editing a video you see a large watermark covering the screen when you render. The task of finding a good Program can be tedious and obnoxious, So we at techtastes did it for you! Here are the Top 5 free editing programs without a watermark.

Program #5 – Kapwing

Kapwing is the first program on our list. This is a browser based program that is meant for low power laptops. It is a good program for quick edits and will run on almost anything. Kapwing has one very prominent limitation, however, that is that it can only render videos that are less than 10 minutes. Another Web-based program worth mentioning is WeVideo.

Click HERE to go to Kapwing

Program #4 – Lightworks

The second Program on the list is an editing software by the name of Lightworks. This Program however needs a powerful computer to run, this is because Lightworks was designed for speed so the program renders clips while you are still editing them to ensure that you can finish your work quickly.

Lightworks comes with all the basic features of an editing program and has some really nice color grading tools. Lightworks is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The Drawbacks of Lightworks include that it needs a powerful pc to be able to run and that it is only able to export video in 720p 60fps.

Download Lightworks HERE

Program #3 – Shotcut

Shotcut is a very good program, with amazing functionality. This program is capable of a lot of features. The program is very diverse and has no paid version at all. You can export clips up to 4k resolution, and it has a very easy to understand format. The best part of Shotcut is its amazing audio editor built-in. Shotcut is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Download Shotcut HERE

Program #2 – Hitfilm Express 4 (2020)

Hitfilm Express is a powerful program with a plethora of features It is very similar to our #1 spot with the main difference being that Hitfilm Express is not as powerful as our #1 spot, this is the best editor that you can get for low-end machines. This Program is very clean and easy to use.

Hitfilm Express is capable of almost anything you could throw at it and is just as powerful as programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas. Hitfilm can render videos up to 4k and has features such as keyframing and color grading which are quite advanced for a free Program. Hitfilm Express 4 is available on Windows and Mac.

Download HitFilm Express HERE

Program #1 – Davinci Resolve

The #1 Free Editing software must go to Davinci Resolve. It is a powerful program that can handle anything you could try and do with it, as long as you have a powerful enough computer to run it. You can export videos up to 4k with an insane amount of features and abilities. Davinci Resolve is the best free editor you can get your hands on if you can run it. Davinci Resolve is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Download Davinci Resolve HERE