Microsoft Office Suite Vs MobiSystems Office Suite: Ultimate Comparison

Whether you are an avid student, business owner, team leader, or even just a tech consumer who needs various tools to help you navigate your daily tasks, it is undeniable that everyone benefits from using a suite of software and web-based tools.

The question that we all need to ask ourselves is what suite to use. The tools that we use on a daily basis consist of not only a PDF reader but a document writer, editor, and creator. Not to mention that these suites often offer PowerPoint slide makers for presentations and a cell-based sheet creator for analytics, planning, and speculation.

It is safe to assume that the main competitors and leading service providers for office suite bundles are Google and Microsoft Office Suite. Google provides everyone a hefty value for completely free, while Microsoft Office seems to be leading the way for paid plans.

This brings us to the question of whether there is room for other players in the market. Can other brands and service providers challenge and make room for growth in this field? This brings us to the topic of this article on a comparison between MobiSystem’s Office Suite Vs Microsoft’s Office Suite.

What is MobiSystems

MobiSystems Review

MobiSystems is a developer of multiple office suites and productivity tools. This includes document editors, PDF, Cell Sheet editors, and more. In short, MobiSystems is a direct competitor to Microsoft Suite.

Similar to something like Google or Microsoft Office Suite, MobiSytstems has all your business, school, and personal productivity tools that we have all come to love and cannot live without.

MobiSystems is a company that was formed back in 2001 in California. Contrary to some beliefs, MobiSystems is NOT a Chinese-based company and was formed in the USA. They serve over 200 million users across hundreds of countries. They seem to be making waves but we need to dig deeper in order to make a proper comparison.

Is MobiSystems Legit

Yes, MobiSystems is a legitimate service, company, and establishment. You are not at any risk when buying from MobiSystems. In fact, they serve hundreds of millions around the world but are slightly less known in the North American region.

I believe it is normal for people to be suspicious when seeing a competitor to such a trusted brand, such as Microsoft, but with some research, MobiSystems checks out. It is unfortunate but when we see “Knock-off” brands or products, we assume it could have some illegitimacy.

We are happy to say that MobiSystems is safe, legit, and trustworthy. As for your opinion on their products and their pricing, that is something we will discuss further in this article and it will ultimately be your verdict on whether this is a brand you want to explore.

Is MobiSystems Free?

MobieSystems has a free version of their entire office suite but with some slight limitations. These are available for PC, Mac, Linux, and Mobile. Although they have free options, we recommend looking at their pricing, as it is extremely competitive.

Their free version seems to be quite comprehensive, paralleling something like the Google Suite, which is the top dog when it comes to offering free productivity tools. Most companies and businesses can run off of their free offerings alone.

MobiSystems aims to provide a great free entry point while encouraging those who try their products to pay for the premium features and limitless ends. Regardless, getting their free applications and software is an excellent starting point.

How Much Does MobiSystems Cost?

MobiSystem’s premium options that are available to you if you want to extend your reach outside of the free version, are extremely price-effective. The price of their productivity tools is not only cheap but offers one-time payments that will allow you to own their tools for life.

Below are their current pricing offerings:


FamilyPersonalHome & Business
6 Users1 User1 User
$59.99/Year$39.99/Year$99.99 (One-Time Payment)
Mail & CalendarMail & CalendarMail & Calendar
Storage Per UserStorage Per UserStorage Per User
50GB in MobiDrive50GB in MobiDrive5GB in MobiDrive
commercial use
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BusinessBusiness ExtraHome & Business
Per UserPer User1 User
$3.99/Month$6.99/Month$99.99 (One-Time Payment)
Advanced PDF Editor
Mail & CalendarMail & CalendarMail & Calendar
Storage Per UserStorage Per UserStorage Per User
50GB in MobiDrive50GB in MobiDrive5GB in MobiDrive
commercial use commercial use commercial use
Priority SupportPriority Support
Add & Remove UsersAdd & Remove Users
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Is MobiSystems Good?

MobiSystem’s productivity tools are quite good. They are not the best or the leading brand of productivity tools, but if you are on a budget, these are more than capable of accomplishing all of your personal, business, and creative needs.

As mentioned before, they are not nearly as clean, optimal, and quick as something like the Microsoft Office Suite tools, or even something like the tools that Google offers, but considering they offer free versions and the potential to upgrade for a ridiculously cheap price, it is definitely worth looking into.

Of course, it is always recommended that you acquire only the best tools to use for both your commercial and non-commercial use cases, there is also the benefit of sacrificing a small amount of that premium nature for a more cost-effective and competitive price range.

What is Microsoft Office Suite

Is MobiSystems Good

Microsoft Office Suite is considered the “leading” provider of all things productivity tools for not only personal and creative uses, but for professional and business settings as well. Their tools date back many decades and still hold a high position in the space.

Although Google offers great tools that rival those of Microsoft Office, it would seem that most educational institutions and large corporations still prefer to use Onedrive, Excel, Word, and other Microsoft tools.

It is safe to assume that Microsoft Office Suite has the most comprehensive and advanced tools on the market, followed by Google’s set of productivity tools. There are benefits and drawbacks to all tools that you use, Microsoft’s being price and cost of entry.

Is Microsoft Office Suite Free?

Microsoft Office Suite does have a free web version of their applications that have some slight limitations. These can be found at and with the addition of their limitations, there are also legal drawbacks as many of your use cases need to stay within creative and personal uses.

Microsoft does not allow large corporations or establishments to use the free version for commercial use, as that would defeat the purpose of the free alternative. This web solution is great for getting an idea of how Microsoft tools work and how to utilize them.

Uploading and downloading things from and to the web version can be tricky and many of the extensive features can not be run on the web version due to the processing limitations and Microsoft’s desire for the free users to eventually convert to paid users. Regardless, it is a great way to get started.

How Much Does Microsoft Office Suite Cost?

Microsoft Office Suite is one of the more pricey productivity tool offerings on the market. You are most likely seeing yourself paying anywhere from $5.99 to up to $20.00 per month depending on your plan.

Below are their current pricing offerings:

Personal & Family

6 Users1 User
Storage Per UserStorage Per User
6 TB OneDrive1 TB OneDrive
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Business BasicApps for BusinessBusiness StandardBusiness Premium
Per UserPer UserPer UserPer User
Azure (Protection)
Storage Per UserStorage Per UserStorage Per UserStorage Per User
1 TB OneDrive1 TB OneDrive1 TB OneDrive1 TB OneDrive
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Is Microsoft Office Suite Good?

Microsoft Office Suite is the leading provider of productivity tools. They are not only good but excellent. The only downside is that it comes at a hefty price and it is often too much for people to afford.

This is why the comparison of other brands and software providers, such as MobiSystems, is so important. There are other options out there that may not be as pristine but offer a great value and enough features to be worth the cost.

There is no doubt that Microsoft Office Suite is used by only the best, but in many cases and many industries, there are always budget options. Not only budget options but good and usable budget alternatives, like MobiSystems.

MobiSystems Office Suite Vs Microsoft Office Suite Price

Mobisystems consistently beats out Microsoft Office Suite in terms of price. They are extremely affordable and not only that, but they offer a one-time purchase option that Microsoft does not currently offer.

If price is your main factor, MobiSystems is the way to go; however, you will need to take into account that although you are getting a good feature-packed offer, it will always be one step behind the leading brand.

Overall, the price to value comparison points need to go to MobiSystems, they offer the best deal in terms of price and Microsoft does not seem interested in providing a one-time purchase option or lowering their prices anytime soon.

MobiSystems Office Suite Vs Microsoft Office Suite Features

Although MobiSystems offers a feature-packed budget deal, Microsoft Office has more resources and better features overall. MobiSystems has just about all the essential features, but if you need those proprietary and unique features, Microsoft has everything you could ever need.

Although Microsoft has so much, if you need the essential and more important features that you would come to expect from these tools, MobiSystems has you covered. The only real features that MobiSystems does not have, are the business premium features that cover security, expanded log-in systems, etc..

For the average business, college student, and individual, MobiSystems has all you could ever need, but for those who would use the extensive and proprietary software and tools, Microsoft is the only provider.

MobiSystems Office Suite Vs Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Suite still holds as the best productivity tools provider, however, if all you need are the tools and the features that you would come to expect, MobiSystems is a cheaper and more cost-effective option.

Many will go with Microsoft because of the name and the brand, but MobiSystems offers a lot and serves hundreds of millions of users. The only real benefit of going with Microsoft Office Suite is that you get the ecosystem that they have built over the years.

If you go with MobiSystems, you will get all the features and tools that you will come to expect but at an extremely discounted price. Imagine it as if you were looking at Adobe Premiere Pro vs Davinci Resolve.

Davinci is cheaper and more effective but many will go with the Adobe product because of the name, features, and ease of use. Davinci is the best value but Adobe has the name, brand, and experience.

Bottom line is that if you want the tools for the cheapest price, go with MobiSystems. If you need the extra business features and the brand name, go with Microsoft. It will vary from person to person but both offer excellent problem-solving tools.