How to Stream your iPad to Your PC Using OBS

Do you want to stream games and videos from your iPad? Streaming is getting increasingly popular in recent years. It not only helps people share their passion and videos, but it also helps them make a living.

You can stream on YouTube, Twitch, and many other streaming platforms which can give you decent monetary returns considering you have enough followers and supporters. If you are a fan of small handheld gaming devices, we recommend reading our full comparison on which Steam Deck model to buy!

In this article, we explore how you can use OBS to stream your iPad. In addition, we’ll talk in detail about the OBS software and discuss some alternatives to OBS for streaming through your iPad. Let’s get started.

What is OBS?

OBS stands for Open Broadcaster Software. It is a free-to-use tool and is available on all operating systems from mac to Linux. The platform is openly sourced and takes the aid of its patrons to keep the funds rolling.

With OBS, you can easily record and stream live videos in any operating system. Even though it is free-to-use software, it has many sponsors and financial contributors which makes the maintenance and upkeep of the software possible.

OBS first came to action in 2012 when the streaming culture was just catching fire. Jim Bailey is the major contributor to the software. OBS is written in C and C++ programming languages. As of now, the software is accessible in 59 languages.

OBS helps to add crucial features to your stream. For example, if you were to stream directly from your iPad, your stream customizations are very limited. With OBS, you can add an overlay that shows your webcam on the stream in addition to the screen that you are streaming. You can download or gather more information on the software from the official OBS Studio website.

How to Stream your iPad to Your PC

Unfortunately, you cannot stream your iPad directly by OBS. This is because the OBS software is strictly PC-based and is not available for iPads yet. Even though you cannot stream the screen of the iPad through the OBS software, you can use your iPad to add extra functionalities to your stream. You can stream from your PC and use the OBS tool to stream the webcam from your iPad. To use your iPad as a webcam and add a layer of webcam footage to your PC stream, you just have to follow these steps:

Download OBS software on your PC

The first step is to install the OBS studio software on your PC. Depending on whether you use a Windows-based PC or macOS, you have to download the appropriate OBS version. You can get the software from this link. After the download completes, you can simply install the software on your PC and follow the steps below.

Get the iOS Camera plugin

The iOS camera plugin is not automatically equipped in the software. You can download the camera plugin for your windows or Mac from the official website of OBS mentioned above.

After you have downloaded the plugin file, make sure to close all OBS windows before commencing the installation process. If you are a windows user and trying to use your iPad in your stream, you also have to install iTunes software. This enables your PC to communicate with the iPad.

iOS camera plugin verification

After you install the plugin, you have to make sure that it is incorporated into the OBS software. To do this, open the OBS software and try to add a new camera source. Select the iOS camera source and proceed to the next step.

In some cases, the plugin is not installed correctly and you may have to manually install the plugin to your original OBS software. If such a problem arises, you can follow the guide here to set up the iOS camera plugin on your own. 

Download the application on your iPad

After you have successfully installed your plugin, it’s time to install the correspondence on your iPad. To do this, simply go to the app store and search for the ‘Camera for OBS studio’ app. Please note that this application may not be available for very old versions of the iPhone and iPad. You can also get the application from this link.

Connect the devices

After everything is set up, you have to connect the devices i.e. your PC/Mac and your iPad. Do not plug in your iPad to the PC yet.

  • First, open up the OBS software on your PC.
  • Select the iOS camera option. This should be available after the plugin was installed on the software.
  • Plug in your iPad to the PC with the help of a lightning cable.
  • After you plug in your iPad, you should automatically see your iPad’s camera footage on your PC. A preview of your iPad’s video will appear on your PC screen. Click on the OK option on the bottom right and you are good to go.
  • After this, you successfully connected your iPad to the OBS studio. Now, you can stream all you want on any platform you like from the webcam of your iPad. The camera of the iPad works as the primary camera source for your streams.

Alternatives to OBS

OBS is not available yet on iPad and you can only use your iPad as a camera option while streaming with the OBS. However, there are many dedicated applications on the iPad which work as OBS studio. The best application by far for the job is ‘Livestream.’ The only drawback is that it is a paid application. If you are looking for a free alternative to OBS for your iPad, you can use applications like ApowerREC or Prism Live Studio. All these applications work on the iPad just as OBS works on the PC platforms.


Even though streaming with a PC is far more efficient and popular, you can also use your iPad to stream. With the OBS software, you can use your iPad camera as the primary camera for all your twitch streams. In addition, with the use of OBS alternatives on the iPad, you can get stream functions directly from your iPad.