Best Steam Deck Dock

Assuming you just grabbed a Steam Deck and would like to take your gaming extra seriously, you may be considering getting a dock. A dock is useful since it not only provides a designated location to power your Steam Deck but also often has one or more display outputs and USB input possibilities.

While searching for the finest Steam Deck dock, there seem to be a surprisingly large amount of choices. There is actually a heck of a lot of excellent alternatives to pick from; however, we do indeed feature an overview of the much-anticipated Steam docks in the works.

There is currently no queue period to get Valve’s original docking station, although it is much more expensive than the options we offer here. Using a teensy tweaking, Valve may be able to make it more affordable, but third-party USB-C hubs like JSAUX, Lenovo, Anker, and Belkin could actually be superior, not to mention more affordable.

Here, we’ve compiled the three best Steam Deck Dock options available and done our best to provide you with as much information as you need to make an informed selection.

1. Jsaux Steam Deck dock

Jsaux’s affectionate imitation of the original version really sparkles when a couple of short Steam Deck docks support your gaming PC so you can enjoy it as a secondary display. We are pretty pleased with the brand for opening a wedge before Valve, even if it may have effectively replicated the original Steam Deck dock of Valve; besides, it charges a far cheaper price.

The Jsaux dock, which has HDMI, two USB A ports, and Ethernet, makes it easy to convert the gadget into a gaming PC. Additionally, a 100W power supply implies maintaining the portable powerhouse’s battery while delivering energy to your external SSD and gaming keyboard.

As for the connectivity, it features an ethernet connection, a USB Type C and 2.0 port, and an HDMI port. The HDMI port supports an impressive 4K@60 Hz external display. If you are buying a protective case, make sure that the thickness of it is less than or equal to 2mm. Anything thicker than that will obstruct the connections.

2. Anker USB-C Hub

Although Anker’s USB-C hub is really not precisely a Steam Deck Dock, it could be a good alternative if you don’t bother setting your Steam Deck lying on a desk. It offers almost as many configurations and is a little less expensive than the majority of the other Docks available. An HDMI output, two USB 3.0 ports, a USB-C data connector, an SD card reader, and Power Supply 3.0 are all included.

Sadly, the Anker USB-C hub does not support Ethernet; thus, you will need to use the Steam Deck Wi-Fi instead. This isn’t precisely a show-stopper since Anker’s hub is compatible with several USB-C devices and is far less expensive than Valve’s original model. However, given that its tiny USB-C cords made it difficult to stow aside, its dongle-like appearance can annoy fans who value desk cable organization.

3. Invzi Docking Station

Steam Deck Docking stations often occupy a prominent position atop your workstation and hold your hardware component in place. The Invzi Docking Station, on the other hand, purposefully avoids your desk layout by hooking directly into a wall power outlet. This hub nearly resembles a large phone charger from a stylistic standpoint, but it really has HDMI, Ethernet, and three power supply USB-C connectors.

If you wish to connect your keyboard and mouse, you’ll have to need an extra hub, as Invzi’s Steam Deck-compliant dock plug item only has a USB A port. Since this is essentially a wall plug, you may keep it beneath your desk, where it won’t impede desk cable management normally. In addition to Steam Deck, the device is compatible with MacBook Pro, Microsoft Surface Pro 7, Microsoft Surface Book, MacBook Air, iPhone, Dell Precision 7710, and iPad Pro as well.

The aforementioned options are the best 3 Steam Deck Docks available right now, and all of them are available on Amazon. In essence, they all perform the same job, so your decision will depend on which one you prefer in terms of appearance. A dock may easily convert your handheld into a game console and increase the utility of your Steam Deck.