3 Steam Deck Alternatives For a Solid Portable Gaming System

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By Rob Leung

Prior to the Steam Deck, numerous companies launched handheld, compact-size gaming PCs. Nevertheless, it took Valve and its amazing handheld to actually draw a significant number of eyes to this booming industry and proceed it from a pleasant subpart of the PC gaming industry towards something garnering a much larger audience. Needless to say, just because the Steam Deck is the most famous choice in the market today does not really imply that it’s the only one you could think of when searching for a portable gaming System in 2023.

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You never know if, based on specific requirements, other alternative gaming gadgets may be a more suitable option for you than Valve. Although Steam is among the most popular gaming platforms, there still remain many excellent options to take into account from well-known companies as well as brand-new kick-starters.

Nintendo Switch OLED Model

The classic Nintendo Switch, which launched the modern handheld trend, is indeed a promising Steam Deck option. Boasting a brand-new and upgraded 7-inch OLED display and additional upgrades, the Nintendo Switch OLED Model takes portable gaming even further than the original Nintendo Switch did. The device aims to boost the images with vivid colors and increased resolution to the point that you could assume it has better graphical prowess.

Even though its aged customized NVIDIA Tegra CPU barely registers in contrast to the processing capability of the Steam Deck’s unique AMD SoC, it nevertheless performs most of those games that PC gamers may also run on the Steam Deck. Moreover, Nintendo is the one console having exclusive first-party content. Furthermore, it isn’t a PC. But it’s the Nintendo Switch, which really doesn’t require any intro.

There is a huge range of games accessible, even if you’re able to only buy Nintendo Switch games or those found on the Nintendo eShop. Be it adventure games, first-person shooters, platformers, or family-friendly games, you name it; you won’t be lacking in options. Featuring an integrated kickstand and TV dock that enables players to instantly convert to a Television screen in a split second.

The Nintendo Switch OLED Model is among the finest convertible portable gaming consoles now available. It’s considerably less expensive than the Steam Deck; however, it isn’t as versatile as the Steam Deck, which can function as a Windows or Linux PC when docked. Nevertheless, if gaming on the move is your top priority, the Switch is worthwhile to consider.

Ayaneo Next

Ayaneo is a Chinese console manufacturer striving to create among the most attractive and robust hands-on experiences. And we’re pleased to report that they are indeed doing so! The Ayaneo Next is the ideal prospect for you if you want to seize the greatest Steam Deck replacement on the market.

Similar to the Steam Deck and OneXPlayer, it is activated by an AMD SoC; however, users of AMD-powered laptops would be better acquainted with it. Towards that goal, it is equipped with an AMD Ryzen 5825U alongside an octa-core Zen 3-based Processor and an inbuilt AMD Radeon Vega 8 GPU. Despite the fact that the GPU isn’t quite as strong as the one on the Steam Deck, the updated CPU design offsets considerably.

Furthermore, the Ayaneo Next’s energy may be increased from 16W to 28W, bringing its gameplay to a level comparable with the Steam Deck operating at its normal 16W. The Ayaneo Next comes with Windows 10, which means it will be readily compliant with a vast selection of games if users already utilize platforms such as Xbox Game Pass for PC or Valve’s native Steam Store. That’d be a mass of sophisticated stuff for amazing gameplay in a highly portable gaming device that is smaller than the Steam Deck and quite similar to Nintendo Switch in terms of size and experience. Ayaneo, nevertheless, is a fantastic alternative to the Steam Deck.

OneXPlayer Mini Pro

Entitled as the most robust handheld PC available, the OneXPlayer really does live up to its title. The recently launched One X Player Mini Pro uses the most powerful Intel Core i7-1260P CPU and Iris Xe graphics, which is yet another powerful Steam Deck substitute. To provide genuinely mighty gaming in a handheld this tiny, the Processor is a 12-core beast supporting up to 16 threads, and the Iris Xe graphics card consisting 96 Eus.

A 48Wh battery gets you running when you’re not even near an electrical outlet, and the console’s 100W PD assistance assures that it will fulfill its commitment when plugged in. The gadget is also compliant with an eGPU through its USB 4.0 connector, allowing you to connect your game console to a high-performance external graphics processor option. This adds up as another appealing option to the Steam Deck’s lineup.