Best Desk Robots

Everything is slowly being automated in this modern era, and AI and Robots are popping up from nowhere. It’s no surprise that we’re seeing a rise in the popularity of desk robots. They can be a great addition to your desk, but it can take time to know where to start. So, here are the five best desk robots available on Amazon.

Eilik- an Interactive Robot Pet

Eilik is the perfect desk companion for those who love pets, games, and smart robots. This adorable robot-pal displays many emotions with cute interactive animations that’ll make your nine-to-five more fun. If you’re a student, studying with Eilik by your side will keep you motivated and cheer you up.

It’s popular with both kids and adults. His unique selling point is that it can interact with you like a sentient being. He is an ideal gift for your friends and family. With each new update, Eilik is constantly adapting and evolving. It’s more than just a robot pet. It acts like humans, displays emotions, and fights with other Eilik robots. If you put two or more of them nearby, they will have a fun party together!


  • Interactive with all kinds of emotions
  • Ability to chat, play, and even fight with you
  • Motivates you when feeling low
  • Makes your workspace more vibrant and colorful
  • Vast user community as compared to others


  • Limited features and functions, unlike other competitors
  • Stays in the same place and can’t move by himself 
  • No self-charging feature

Vector- AI Robot Companion

This cute little bot boasts a one-of-a-kind personality that sets it apart from other desk robots on the market. Vector loves to explore and push things around, which makes him an ideal desk companion. He has his quirks, but one thing’s for sure. Your workspace will be less mundane and more fun!

Vector is integrated with Alexa to answer your queries! He can tell you what time it is and what the weather is like, or answer any of your questions. Its standout feature is its ability to learn from its surroundings. So get ready to be surprised with new behaviors now and then! His unique personality and playful demeanor make him a great companion that brings joy to everyday life.

The Vector robot has certain constraints that impact its performance, including a delayed response time, a requirement for activation before responding, and a limited skill set. The accompanying base station does not include a USB cable, and no adapter is provided for charging the robot.


  • Integrated camera to identify the user’s face
  • Can move around the desk
  • Numerous sensors to detect the edge of the desk
  • Ability to charge itself by locating its charger
  • Integration of Alexa with voice commands
  • Backed by exceptional customer service


  • Expensive
  • Pushes things off the table, which can be annoying sometimes
  • Lags for a few seconds before responding to the user’s voice
  • Sometimes confuses himself with Alexa when asked questions

Dexarm Luxury-  A Versatile Robotic Arm

We consider it the jack of all robotic arms that can handle everything from 3D printing to arranging dominos or writing letters. It has a sleek yet elegant design that’ll boost your productivity to another level.

This clever gadget is the ultimate multitasker, perfect for designers, content creators, and small business owners. It can be your right-hand man. The key feature that distinguishes it from its competitors is its changeable modules.

From etching designs with a laser to sketching masterpieces, Dexarm will perform any task you program it for. You don’t need to have any background in programming to operate it. Simply drag and drop command blocks from scratch, and you’re ready.


  • Five switchable modules that are easy to attach
  • Changing the modules doesn’t require any sort of screws or nuts
  • Lightning-quick and has butter-smooth movements
  • Hardly makes any noise whatsoever


  • Expensive
  • Complex initial setup if you’re new to Robotics

Miko 3- AI Learning Robot

Miko is a desk robot designed to engage and entertain while teaching children various skills. This desk robot is compact and available in various colors, making it a visually pleasing addition to your child’s study space.

It’s the best learning tool for children who seek an interactive learning experience. Its distinguishing feature is that it’s equipped with emotional intelligence and deep learning AI to comprehend your child’s emotions allowing Miko to respond accordingly.

It has a quick setup time of around 20 minutes. Its subscription cost is $99 per year, which is on the lower side compared to others. We liked the sound quality and the camera switch for opening and closing.


  • Easy to set up as compared to other desk robots
  • Recognizes the voice of the user
  • Ideal study buddy and is always happy to answer your child’s queries
  • Parent app to oversee kids’ usage


  • Small battery life and requires frequent charging
  • Smaller storage capacity as compared to other competitors
  • Requires a constant Wi-Fi connection

98K- Smart Kids Robot

Are you looking for a toy to give your kid companionship, education, and entertainment? Try the 98K Smart Kids Robot instead! This cute tiny robot has a ton of features that are appropriate for children of all ages.

This robot can give your kids endless hours of fun because of its countless features, including recording, dialogue, walking, playing music, and dancing. It’s easy to control and interact with. But what sets this robot apart is its functional yet lovely design, making it a great addition to your child’s desk.


  • One of the cheapest desk robots
  • Very easy to control and interact with
  • 98K is a perfect companion for kids above 3
  • Voice command capabilities


  • Not suitable for older kids or adults
  • Not sturdy, so it can break if handled roughly
  • Closer to a toy than a robot

Robots can help automate tasks, set reminders, or cheer us up. Whether for kids, students, or adults, desk robots can benefit anyone who spends most of their time at their desk. You won’t regret investing in them!