Best Budget Wireless Earbuds

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By Rob Leung

Choosing the best true wireless headphones can be tough on a budget, especially with how many options there are. Wired headphones are becoming obsolete, especially if you just want something to listen to music in, there are so many options of wireless earbuds and headphones that it can get overwhelming, but we are here to help you out in our top five list of wireless earbuds.

If you aren’t a fan of name brands, it can be difficult to find a good pair of Bluetooth earbuds that only cost as much as your average wired pair of headphones, Wired headphones and earbuds will still be better for your money, but if you want to pay a couple of bucks more for no annoying wires then it’s a great convenience.

Wired Earbuds VS Non Wired Earbuds

Wireless earbuds give good sound now, on par with wired headphones. This is why wireless earbuds are seen more frequently than wired. Wireless earbuds are also more convenient not having to deal with wires and other things like inputs and outputs in the headphone jack.

5. The MPOW M30 Plus

The MPOW M30 Plus is a great choice at the cost of 39$ these headphones have 5.0 Bluetooth it has an IPX rating which is good for everyday use whether it be sweat or rain. the battery life is five hours but with the case, it is up to one hundred hours the case also doubles as a charging dock. If you like them you can buy them here

4. The EarFun Free

These earbuds are another great choice. They use 5.0 Blue Tooth with a price of 40$. They have an IPX rating of 7, which is good for everyday use. You can even submerge these earbuds without problems. They have a battery life of six hours, and with the case 30 hours, which is good for everyday use if you charge them at night, you can buy them here.

3. The FIIL T1XS

The FIIL T1XS at around 50$ is different from the rest because it has an app that allows you to customize the sound with an EQ you can also change the sensitivity of the touch controls and low latency mode for gaming. They are good for everyday use you can buy them here

2. The Jabees Firefly Vintage

The Jabees Firefly Vintage is a great pair of earbuds at 50$ that have lots of features such as Game mode, transparency, wireless, noise cancellation, and 5.0 Blue Tooth. These headphones are not fully waterproof but are good in most situations. They have seven hours of battery life and 28 hours with the case you can buy them here

1. The SoundPEATS Sonic

The SoundPEATS Sonic is a great choice that sells for about 50$. these earbuds are very base heavy with 5.0 Blue Tooth. Like the Jabees Firefly Vintage, these earbuds have a gaming mode to lower the latency these are IPX5 which is ok but is not the greatest. The battery is an amazing 15 hours on the earbuds and 40 hours on the case you can buy it here