Best Budget RGB Smart Light Bulbs

Whether you are building your perfect gaming room set up, or you like the versatility that RGB light bulbs offer to your room or house, there is always a special feeling when having RGB light bulbs.

I personally love RGB light bulbs, some times I want to change the vibe of the room with my phone or with a remote.

Although, some light bulbs that offer RGB features, aren’t worth all the hype. Luckily, in this article, we did all the research for you and found some great cheap RGB Light Bulbs.

Here are the best budget RGB SMART LIGHT BULBS

Best Budget RGB Light Bulbs – Lowest Price

Valcatch 3w RGB Light Bulb $2.80

Valcatch’s 3W light bulb is the absolute cheapest option that our research could find.

This RGB Smart bulb is an absolute steal. Although a low 3w power range is a bit underwhelming, if you have multiple or a small space to light up, this could be a great option.

You have all your essential colors here, nothing real vibrant but it gets the job done. You also have brightness buttons and some basic fade in and out, strobe, flash, and smooth transition options.

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Valcatch 5w RGB Light Bulb $3.10

Yet again, Valcatch takes up a spot on this list. The second cheapest RGB smart light we could find.

A lot of the features are exactly the same as the 3w Valcatch light bulb. The upgrade and small price bump is the fact that you are getting a brighter and slightly more power.

You have all your good features here and you can expect a decent vibrance due to the wattage increase.

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Daybetter Smart Light Bulb $7.99

Jumping a bit in price while still remaining a great quality budget option is Daybetter’s RGB Smart Light Bulb

This jump in price not only gives you a higher 9w power source for your lights but also a smart companion app to go along with your light.

Expect to only be able to connect and change the colors of the light bulb through the app.

Not only all of that, but you have a full-color range and the ability to connect with Google Home Assistant and Alexa.

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GE Lighting LED+ Light Bulb $9.49

Getting a little bit on the pricier side of the low-end options here we have GE’s Lighting LED+ Light bulb.

Considering you are getting a trusted brand like GE here, that should speak volumes.

You won’t be getting any companion application here and you only control the light through the remote control that comes with the light.

You have 10 different color settings and a 9W power output.

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Kasa Smart RGB Bulb $12.99

Kasa offers a great RGB smart light bulb with a whole list of features and some great color vibrance output.

The Kasa light is compatible with Google Home Assistant and Alexa, as well as not needing any sort of hub. It’s also important to keep in mind that the light needs Wi-fi in order to be used with a companion app.

Another cool feature is that you can schedule when the light change depending on the time. Whether that be to turn the lights on at sunset or dim the lights in the morning. The possibilities are endless.

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Yizco RGB Light Bulbs $15.49

Having an impressive 10w output and the obvious two light bulb pack, Yizco offers a really great product here.

Each light comes with its own remote control and the amazing output of color here is really impressive.

You get all kinds of cool features light day and night cycles, color modes that replicate fires, water, rainforests, and a lot more.

This is a great value if you need two RGB smart light bulbs on a budget.

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ILC RGB 4-Pack Light Bulbs $17.99

The last option on this extreme budget RGB smart light bulbs section is the ILC 4-Pack of RGB light bulbs.

Each light bulb has 10W of power and features its pairs of remotes.

The options for colors are pretty basic here but it does offer some unique settings like day cycles and transition modes.

If you are looking for the best value and you need 4 RGB light bulbs, this is a great option.

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Best Budget RGB Light Bulb Bundles

Treatlife Smart RGB Light Bulb 4-Pack $29.99

Moving on to a more value bundle-based portion of this list we have Treatlide’s 4-pack bundle.

Each light has 9W power output and features an impressive color selection (Hence the jump in price).

Additionally, it supports Alexa and Google Home Assistant and has its own application to work with.

You also get 8 different setting modes and the ability to sync with the music.

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Daybetter Smart RGB Light Bulbs 6-Pack $35.99

Moving on we have Daybetter’s incredible value of a 6-pack RGB light bulb product.

Coming with a mobile app to control these lights you have a whole list of features and possibilities.

This comes with all of the features as does the Day better single bulb that was mentioned before, Alexa, Google Home Assistant, and so much more.

This value is amazing and if you need a few rooms to have some 9W light bulbs then this is definitely a great choice.

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Daybetter RGB Smart Light Bulb 12-pack $49.99

Yet again Daybetter’s RGB Light bulbs make an appearance here with their 12-pack product.

This is the best bundle value for your money if you are in need of multiple light bulbs, possibly to cover your entire house, this is definitely an option.

These bulbs work with the mobile app and have the same features as the other day’s better light bulbs.

This is the absolute value if you need 12 RGB smart light bulbs.

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Best Budget RGB Smart Light Bulbs with Speakers

Icatsup Bluetooth RGB Light Bulb $7.79

Although it doesn’t offer the greatest set of colors and comes in at a 6W power output, the Icatsup Bluetooth RGB light bulb is a great cheap option.

Featuring 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity, you can play your favorite music through the light bulb and control the colors with the remote control.

Unfortunately, you can only connect Bluetooth for music purposes and not to change the colors. The colors are pretty limited but for the value, it’s a great option.

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Jetencn Wireless Light Bulb with Speaker $14.99

Getting slightly more expensive, Jetencn offers an even better set of features and lighting power.

Featuring 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity and an incredible 12W light output, this is a great option.

It also is controlled through a remote if you are wanting to change the lights and effects. Additionally, you can skip, pause, and go back to controls on the remote control.

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Zokez Bluetooth RGB Light Bulb Lamp $24.99

Featuring a larger lamp size cone, the Zokez is one of the greatest options that you can get if you are looking for an RGB light bulb with a Bluetooth speaker.

The large lamp light features 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity and an impressive 24w output! By far this is the most interesting design on this list but for great reason. The light disperses nicely and the colors are great!

It additionally can be used with a remote or a mobile app.

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