Best Budget RGB CPU Coolers: Extreme List Under $100

Although both Intel and AMD’s CPU stock coolers have come a long way from being a cheap addition that most people would throw away, we all desire something better.

Whether you are a hard-core overclocker, avid gamer, or maybe someone who wants something with a bit more color in your PC build, we PC gamers or enjoyers love our RGB.

Considering the CPU cooler is a large centerpiece in most builds, it would only make sense to get something that is RGB.

With that being said, here is our list of the Best Budget RGB CPU Coolers that you can get right now for $100 or less.

Best Budget RGB CPU Coolers

Some of these coolers are specifically built for a specific CPU so please do your research and check to make sure it is compatible with your machine.

Abkoncore White CPU Cooler 92mm Fan $17.99

Although the Abkoncor is not an RGB cooler that you can control the color with, you do have a rainbow spectrum that rotates colors and gives a pleasant and bright color show.

This CPU Cooler is compatible with LGA1151/1200 and AM4/Ryzen CPU’s, which is important to keep in mind.

I myself have a white build so the sleek white design is definitely welcome here. The fan is a decent 92mm size.

It’s a really simple and easy bracket install system and shouldn’t take any longer than 10-20 minutes to install.

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Thermaltake UX100 RGB CPU Cooler $18.99

This Thermaltake UX100 claims to be a universal AMD and Intel CPU cooler, although I would definitely double-check to make sure it is compatible with your system.

The cooler has 15 adjustable RGB color settings and has probably one of the easiest installing systems in any cooler I have seen.

The color has incredible colors, as do a lot of Thermaltake products. If you aren’t into extremely vibrant and saturated colors then this CPU is not for you.

If you love the small and vibrant build, you really can’t beat the price.

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Jonsbo CR1400 RGB CPU Cooler $24.99

Sporting probably one of the sleekest looks on this list, the Jonsbo not only has a great visual appeal but Amazon’s Choice.

This 92mm fanned CPU is compatible with both Intel and Ryzen CPUs, although again, it is always a good idea to make sure it is compatible with your system.

Also, the cooler has an impressive 4 copper pipe system and has a wide variety of color transitions and color options.

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Vetroo V5 White RGB CPU Cooler $29.99

Moving up in the CPU Cooler list, this white RGB cooler offers a lot more than just creating colors and a nice white look.

This CPU cooler has a 5 copper pipe system and a pretty sizeable radiator for maximum efficiency in keeping your CPU cool.

The fan size is also much larger coming in at 120mm. It also has multiple color options and is supported by a wide range of AMD and Intel CPUs.

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ID-Cooling SE-234-ARGB RGB CPU Cooler $39.99

Beating the look of the ID-Cooling SE-234-ARGB cooler is going to be tough. Not only does it look incredible but it also has some pretty great specs to back it up.

The CPU cooler has a 120mm fan, multiple color options, a large radiator, a 4 pipe system, and a lot more.

The one big selling point here is that the CPU cooler comes with its own RGB controller that will control the colors on the CPU. Most other options in this price range don’t offer this.

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ID-Cooler Auraflow X 240 Snow RGB CPU Cooler $64.99

Moving up in the list and definitely getting into some more serious options we have a water-cooled RGB budget option that I think is an incredible value.

You have two 120mm fans with a large radiator and multiple different color options for your heat sink.

The clean white look with the endless color options makes this CPU liquid cooler a no-brainer if it’s compatible and something you see fit with your build.

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Ernermax Aquafusion 120 RGB CPU Cooler $69.99

Although this CPU cooler comes with just one fan and is more expensive than the previous product, don’t let that scare you away from this product.

The obvious selling point here is the infinity effect on the cooler heat sink. That is something you would see in NZXT type products. It is definitely welcome here.

The installation is a bit more work than most but you get an incredible 120mm fan and a crazy amount of programmable RGB settings. It also supports various Intel and AMD CPUs.

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ID-Cooling Zoomflow 360x 3-fan RGB CPU Cooler $76.49

yes, this is a three-fan liquid-cooled RGB CPU Cooler on a budget list! The value here is insane and the reviews back up the look.

Not only does this CPU Cooler look incredible but it also sports three 120mm fans and is compatible with various Intel and AMD CPUs.

The fans, as well as the heat sink, are all programmable with RGB features and colors and you also get a large and effective radiator.

If you can afford it, this is a great option for a three-fan budget CPU cooler.

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Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L RGB CPU Cooler $79.99

Now, at this point, you are paying for the brand. Cooler Master offers an incredible and premium budget option for an RGB CPU cooler.

You get an impressive 240 radiator two 120mm fans and one of the best RGB systems I have seen. It comes with a controller and also integrates with your system for a seamless option list.

The materials and feel are really something that feels way above the price grade here and if you like the more minimal design, it really is a great CPU cooler.

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Corsair iCue H60i RGB CPU Cooler $99.99

Although you are only getting one fan and one radiator, Corsair brings only the best of quality and if it seems like the right option, this is something you should consider.

Coming with a 120mm grey sleek fan and a single radiator, the H60i also has various RGB options for the heat sink.

This is compatible with both Intel and AMD systems and although some features could be wanted, you are paying a premium for the brand and the quality.

The installation is extremely easy and although it comes in at the top of the list, Corsair is always a loved and trusted brand that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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