Best Budget Hot-Swappable Keyboards: Ultimate List

When you are gaming on a PC one of the most important parts is your keyboard. There are mainly two types of keyboards which are membrane and mechanical. Mechanical keyboards have many different types of switches. in this article, I will be going over the Best Budget Hot-Swappable Keyboard

what is a hot-swappable switch

a Hot-swappable switch is a switch that can be moved from different circuit boards to fit the preference of the user. Different colored switches determine how loud or how stiff your keys are. For instance, a blue switch usually means it is louder and clickier and red switches are quieter.

why should you get a mechanical keyboard

When choosing a keyboard, a major decision is what type you should choose? The membrane is a good choice, but mechanical is a faster response time and is much better. Also, with mechanical, you get much more variety in how you want your keys to the feeling when you press them.

what is the best budget hot-swappable keyboard

The Mizer MZ60 is an amazing keyboard with its customizable switches and its RGB. You can get this keyboard in black or white and choose a variety of gatoron switches for your keyboard. It is hot-swappable, so you can order separate switches and use those instead of the gatoron switches.

You can buy it here

Pros and Cons


Even though this keyboard is a great choice, it has its downside. This keyboard is a 60% keyboard, so you will not have a number pad or extra keys. though it is hot-swappable, you are only limited to gatoron switches. This keyboard does not have a writs rest, so you would probably have to order a separate one.


You are getting a much faster response time over a membrane keyboard. all mechanical keyboards usually more durable. There is more customizability with a mechanical keyboard over a membrane keyboard. There are more name-brand mechanical keyboards than membrane.

What is the best switch?

The great thing about mechanical keyboards is they are all preferred by the user. so if you like a more tactile feel, you can use blue or green switches, or if you like a more stealthy keyboard, you can use red switches or brown switches, and there are many more different switches

what about Mecha-Membrane

Mecha-Membrane is a mechanical membrane hybrid that gives you the feel of the membrane but the response time and tactlessness of a mechanical keyboard. Razor used this technology in their Razor Ortana and Razor Ortana V2. If you like the feel of membrane keyboards I would suggest getting one of these.

Buy the Razor Ortana here

Buy Razor Ortana V2 here

What about non-hot-swappable

There are mechanical keyboards that are not hot-swappable and yes it limits the customizability but is a cheaper option if others can not fit your budget. you can still choose different switch types but you can not change your choice after


Most mechanical keyboards are great, hot-swappable or not hot-swappable. I personally have a hot-swappable keyboard and enjoy it a lot. If you have a choice over membrane or mechanical You should choose a mechanical keyboard.