Top 10 Budget Tech Gifts 2022

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By Rob Leung

Here are some of the best budget gifts you can buy your friends and family for any upcoming birthdays or just any type of gift. These 10 are in order and under $100 besides #10. And a great gift for stocking stuffers for Christmas.

1. Yootech Wireless Charger ($11.89 +5% off coupon)

Why plug your devices in when you can just rest them on a wireless charging pad? With more and more mobile tech integrating wireless charging, now is a great time to get onboard through Yootech’s wireless Qi charger. 

With a simple design and wide-ranging compatibility, this is a great wireless charger for anyone trying the technology for the first time. Just be aware that it doesn’t come with a power adapter.

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2. Tile Mate – Bluetooth Tracker ($23.99)

There’s nothing worse than losing your keys, wallet, backpack, etc. The built-in corner punch hole loops easily, and the small size fits into pockets, wallets, and bags without issue. Then, when you lose something, the 250-foot tracking range and very loud buzzer make locating simple and easy.

Directly attach Mate to your everyday things like keys, backpacks, and other stuff you need to keep track of regularly. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing you can open the free Tile app and tap ‘Find’ to locate your stuff.

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3. Anker Rechargeable Bolder LC40 Flashlight ($24.99)

Anker’s Bolder LC40 combines a great quality design with USB recharging to create an excellent flashlight for everyone. Small and durable, the LC40 is IPX5 water-resistant, features an aluminum body, boasts over eight hours of battery life, and is small and light enough for camping or backpacking.

400-lumen Cree LED (50000-hour lifespan). Up to 20 hours (Medium-beam mode) of powerful, non-diminishing brightness from the included premium rechargeable 3350mAh battery. Designed for almost any condition, from heavy rain to dry and dusty environments. Its durable aluminum body and shock-resistance endure rough handling.

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4. Anker 32W 2 Port Charger ($25.99)

Figuring out which chargers to pack while traveling is a huge headache. With USB-A and USB-C charging at up to 20 watts, you can ditch your handful of power bricks and just pack this one. Its small size and folding plug make it especially suited to on-the-go charging. It’s a top-tier charger for mobile devices of all kinds.

Charge the iPhone 13 series to 50% in just 25 minutes—that’s up to 3× faster than with an original 5W charger. With 1 USB-C Power Delivery port and 1 PowerIQ USB-A port, you’re ready to charge two of your devices simultaneously.

All this power comes installed in a pocket-friendly compact body, to go wherever the journey takes you. Charge virtually all your mobile devices at maximum speed with USB-C and standard USB input.

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5. BESTEK 8-Outlet 6Ft Extension Cord Power Strip ($25.99)

Bestek’s eight-outlet power strip is perfect for home offices thanks to its spacious eight outlets and useful four USB ports. Aside from a clear on-off switch, the BESTEK features ample power and surge protection, meaningless worries as you plug in all your home office equipment.

The power strip supplying 8 AC outlets(1875W/15A) and 4 USB charging ports (Total 5V/4.2A/21W), supports a wide range of voltage (100~250V). The BESTEK desktop charging station with 4 Smart IQ Identification USB ports auto-detects and self-adjusts current to charge different USB-powered devices simultaneously.

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6. Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker ($27.99 +$2 off coupon)

Its small form factor, IPX5 water resistance, durable casing, simple controls, and USB recharging make it a great speaker for road trips, barbecues, pool parties, and outdoor adventures. That’s not even mentioning its great price and solid sound.

Breathtaking stereo sound with deep bass is delivered with exceptional clarity and zero distortion by two high-sensitivity drivers and a patented bass port. Anker’s exclusive, long-life battery technology provides 24 hours of sublime music.

An in-house tuned digital signal processor analyzes the low frequencies to intensify the song’s bass in real-time. Lightweight, yet robust unibody design provides the perfect soundtrack for the park, yard, or anywhere else at home or away.

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7. Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse ($32.42)

As much as touchpads have improved, the precision and ergonomics offered by a dedicated mouse cannot be beaten. Anyone looking to take advantage of mouse precision will be pleased with Logitech’s G305 Lightspeed mouse. 

Lightweight and comfortable, the G305 connects wireless with a universally compatible USB-A receiver, offering a very responsive feel compared to Bluetooth options. The familiar form factor has everything you need to enjoy the keyboard and mouse life at a low price.

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8. Anker Portable Charger – 20000mAh Battery Pack ($59.99)

For frequent flyers and commuters, there’s nothing worse than a dead outlet. Thankfully, a quality power bank like Anker’s PowerCore Essential solves that problem, offering mobile power to all your small devices with USB-A and USB-C connectivity. Able to charge smartphones and headphones multiple times over, this power bank lets you travel outlet-free.

The massive 20,000mAh cell capacity provides more than 5 charges for iPhone XS, almost 5 full charges for Samsung Galaxy S10, more than 4 charges for iPhone 11, and over 2 and a half charges for iPad mini 5.

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9. Keychron K2 Bluetooth Wireless Mechanical Keyboard ($79.99)

Its compact form factor and wireless connectivity options make it familiar, but its quality mechanical switches and keycaps offer a vastly superior typing experience when compared to any laptop out there. A 75% layout (84-key) white LED backlight compact Bluetooth mechanical keyboard.

The ultimate keyboard that retains shortcut and arrow keys. The inclined bottom frame makes the K2 more comfortable to type even without a palm rest. Connects with up to 3 devices via Bluetooth and switch among them easily.

Charming white LED backlight with elegant keycap legends helps to type in dime environment, you can also choose static white backlight mode. Durable Gateron mechanical switch with 50 million keystroke lifespan, providing unrivaled tactile responsiveness on the brown switch.

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10. Apple AirPods ($109.99)

Apple’s AirPods are kind of a big deal. They essentially made wireless earbuds mainstream, thanks to a simple design, easy connectivity, great battery life, and a stellar case. Today, even with more premium options available, the simplicity of Apple’s baseline AirPods makes them a great gift for any iPhone user carrying wired headphones.

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Whatever you decide to go with. Any of these products will be perfect for any type of special occasion. All of these products are under $100 besides the AirPods that are just over $100. Some of these are also good stocking stuffers for Christmas.