How to Avoid Headphone Hair (7 Tips and Tricks)

How to Avoid Headphone Hair

If you have been gaming, editing, or in any case where you are using headphones for a while, you have more than likely experienced “headphone hair”. One of the most irritating feelings is getting off your computer or a long music listening session and seeing that your hair now has a massive dent in it. … Read more

Top 7 Best Bluetooth Speakers for Gaming

Best Bluetooth Gaming Speakers

Most individuals that consider themselves audiophiles know that although headphones are great for gaming, audio editing, and entertainment purposes, stereo speakers reign king in audio quality. You haven’t experienced true audio fidelity unless you have gotten to hear a quality pair of studio monitors or a solid pair of stereo speakers. Now, although the best … Read more

How to Stop Headphones from Hurting Your Ears (7 Tips)

How to Stop Headphones from Hurting Your Ears

If you’ve been using headphones for any amount of time, you are probably familiar with the pain that comes with using some headphones. This is especially apparent when you wear headphones for hours at a time, whether that be for gaming, work purposes, or an audio project that requires hours of listening. Ear pain is … Read more

Top 7 Best Headphones That Don’t Mess Up Your Hair

Whether you are a gamer, audio engineer, or just an audiophile, we have all had the issue where our hair looks like a complete mess once we are done using our headphones. Is there a solution to this? Well, aside from the usual conclusion of switching to earbuds, there are many headphones that are specifically … Read more

Padmate Headphones Review: Is Padmate Worth Buying?

Do you prefer to listen to music in your room or at home rather than going out? Do you have a desk job that keeps you in front of a computer for most of the day? Or do you commute for an hour or more every day on trains, buses, or other public transportation? If … Read more

Is The Shure MV7 Worth The Money? – Shure MV7 Review

Shure MV7 Review

For those of you looking into whether the Shure MV7 is worth it, whether you are a knowledgeable mic collector and enthusiast, or just a gamer who wants to sound better in Discord, we all are on the search for better and improved audio equipment. In the past, in most cases, this means spending hundreds … Read more

Best Budget Hi-Fi Amplifiers 2022

Sometimes having the blessing and curse of loving Hi-Definition audio, comes with its downfalls. One of these is the fact that a lot of Hi-fi Headphones do require a lot of voltage and often have high impedances. If you are an avid music enthusiast, you’ll want to make sure you have some good drive to … Read more

What are the benefits of Gaming Earbuds?

What are the benefits of Gaming Earbuds

For gamers, the sound is crucial for an immersive experience within games as well as to gather information about the opponent and the situation in competitive gaming. The in-game tracks, weapon and character sound effects, and background sounds collectively make up for an exciting gaming experience. There are usually two types of sound output devices … Read more

Best Budget Gaming Earbuds (Best 6 Earbuds)

Hearing the enemy’s footsteps, the direction of the bullet, the sound of the character’s narration, and so on, a piece of good audio equipment means a lot to a gamer. So, headphones being a bit bulky, uncomfortable for VR games and gamers with glasses, and even messing up with the gamer’s hair; earbuds nowadays have … Read more

Best Budget Wireless Earbuds

Choosing the best true wireless headphones can be tough on a budget, especially with how many options there are. Wired headphones are becoming obsolete, especially if you just want something to listen to music in, there are so many options of wireless earbuds and headphones that it can get overwhelming, but we are here to … Read more