Is It Worth Getting a 5G Phone in 2022

Cell phones for most people are a daily necessity whether it’s using them as a GPS or signing on to a meeting for work. When using your phone outside of your house you depend on your cell service but what cell service is the best. In today’s article, I will be answering the question Is It Worth Getting a 5G Phone in 2022.

What is 5G

5G is the fifth generation of technology in a cellular network. Some cellular companies started using 5G in 2019 and in 2020 most companies are using 5G for their data. Now in 2022 most if not all cellular companies sell 5G phones.

Is 5G bad for you

It has been a suspicion that 5G is harmful and dangerous to people. They think that 5G causes radiation there are two types of radiation ionizing and non-ionizing. Ionizing it from gamma rays and the sun which when exposed to it for too long can harm you. Thankfully 5G is non-ionizing which means it can not harm you.

Do I really need a 5G phone

5G phones are not necessary for you. The only thing your getting is a little bit faster speeds. if money is not a limitation for you then you should upgrade to a 5G phone. 5G phones are great but it’s not like you need it over 4G or LTE.

Should you upgrade

If you have a phone that is only about a year old you don’t need to upgrade to a 5G phone because most of the new phones only have a few different features so only missing out on 5G. There are very few areas that you can get 5G so there is not much of a point in upgrading.

The difference between 4G and 5G

There are three types of 5G which are low, medium, and high. high-band 5G is where you will get amazing download speed and great internet speed, but there are very few areas where you can get high-band 5G. Next is mid-band. mid-band is great it is about six to eight times as fast as your average 4G. The last is low-band. Low-band is about as good as 4G and LTE, but it is in a wide range of areas.

What blocks me from having 5G

When running your phone off of a cellular service sometimes you can’t get service in some areas. This is caused by buildings made of metal because it blocks the signal. This will also happen when using a 5G phone.

Disadvantages of 5G

With every advantage comes a disadvantage. the 5G connectivity range is very low. Another problem is battery levels drain faster with 5G. Upload speeds are important but a 5G phone’s upload speeds and download speeds don’t match.

Best 5G cellular service’s

The best cellular service for coverage for 5G is T mobile followed by AT&T and Version.  


Most 5G phones are over 1000 dollars but you can find some under that price. Your 5G plan will cost you 40 to 75 dollars a month for each phone. With your yearly income and your cost of living you can determine whether you want to upgrade or not.