How to Speed Up Your Computer: Ultimate Guide

How to Speed Up Your Computer Ultimate Guide

Technology is constantly changing and evolving at a rapid pace. As technology evolves, it is applied to computers, phones, and every other tech product out there. Modern-day computers, laptops, and tablets run better and faster than the ones we had 10 years ago. We still have questions like How to Speed Up Your Computer, seems … Read more

Best Camera Settings DJI Mini 2: Complete Settings Guide

Best Camera Settings DJI Mini 2

I just recently purchased the DJI Mini 2 and just like when I get a new phone, I want to know the best settings to change for the camera. Here you will find the best camera settings for the DJI Mini 2. Now what I was told is that if you are a beginner using … Read more

Can You Overclock a SCUF Controller? SCUF Overclocking Guide

Can You Overclock a SCUF Controller?

If you are a competitive FPS gamer or even any type of competitive gamer, you probably have considered getting a SCUF controller. Whether you purchased one or not, you are reading this article because you are curious about whether you can overclock one or not. What we do know is that if you have a … Read more

How to Overclock a Monitor: Everything You Need to Know

How to Overclock a Monitor Everything You Need to Know

Most gamers are familiar with the technique of overclocking a GPU and CPU, but most do not know that monitors can be overclocked too. Yes, bet you did not know that. Here’s how to do it. Overclocking a monitor achieves the same goal as overclocking your CPU: a boost in speed. It entails going over … Read more

Can You Overclock an SSD or HDD?

Can You Overclock an SSD or HDD

Both SSD (Solid State Drive) and HDD (Hard Disk Drive) can be overclocked. Most people think that only SSDs can be overclocked because HDDs don’t have an in-built microprocessor that can read and write data. “An HDD lacks an inbuilt processor, it is entirely driven by the OS. As a result, it’s impossible to overclock … Read more

Is Dialpad Free? DialPad Complete Guide

The world is increasingly moving towards a more online-focused space. Not only does our online presence matter in a social and connection-based aspect, but it is also an important element in a business sense. Not only has our world shifted to a more online-focused atmosphere, but the way we communicate is different as well. Some … Read more

What is Nreal? – Everything You Need to Know

With the recent explosion of popularity that the metaverse and augmented reality, in general, has gotten recently, a lot of previously unknown products and companies have recently come to light. augmented reality is all but here and within the next few years, it will be a very real thing and within a decade it will … Read more

What are the benefits of Gaming Earbuds?

What are the benefits of Gaming Earbuds

For gamers, the sound is crucial for an immersive experience within games as well as to gather information about the opponent and the situation in competitive gaming. The in-game tracks, weapon and character sound effects, and background sounds collectively make up for an exciting gaming experience. There are usually two types of sound output devices … Read more