Sound Superiority: 7 Earbuds That Are Even Better Than The AirPod Pro

The AirPods are great, but they aren’t the only game in town. There are tons of other options out there for people who don’t feel like spending $200 on a set of wireless earbuds. These 7 alternative earbuds are all much cheaper and offer similar (or better) functionality than the AirPods do. They also have … Read more

Best Desk Robots

Desk Robot on a desk

Everything is slowly being automated in this modern era, and AI and Robots are popping up from nowhere. It’s no surprise that we’re seeing a rise in the popularity of desk robots. They can be a great addition to your desk, but it can take time to know where to start. So, here are the … Read more

Best Capture Cards for Steam Deck

steam deck capture

It’s no secret that broadcasting video games on websites like Twitch and YouTube Gaming can be a very thrilling and gratifying experience. Streamers must have the right gear for their streams to look great and sound well. A capture card, which enables you to record and broadcast gameplay straight from your gaming console or PC, … Read more

MacBook Retina 12in M7 Review

Macbook Retina Featured Image

Apple launched the MacBook Retina 12in M7 in 2016 as the current version of their famous laptop line. This device is designed to be potent, lightweight, and visually appealing, with an Intel Core i7 processor, a 12-inch screen, and 8GB of RAM. This review will look at the details, components, and working power of the … Read more

Glorious Model O Minus vs Glorious Model O

Model O and the Model O Minus

Suppose you’re looking for a high-performance gaming mouse to give you an edge in competitive gaming. In that case, you’ll want to check out the Glorious Model O Minus and the Glorious Model O. Both models are designed to provide gamers with an incredible gaming experience while offering some unique features to set them apart … Read more

TC-Helicon GoXLR vs RODE RODEcaster Pro

TC-Helicon GoXLR vs RodeCaster Pro

You might be wondering whether a high-quality audio interface is suitable for your needs if you’re a podcaster or live streamer looking for one. Two of the most well-liked audio interfaces available are the TC-Helicon GoXLR and the RODE RODEcaster Pro, both of which have great capabilities. To assist you in selecting the right option, … Read more

Asus ROG Strix Scar II Gl704GM Review

Asus ROG Strix Scar II Gl704GM Review

Asus has always been a leader in the gaming laptop industry, and the Asus ROG Strix Scar II GL704GM is no exception. This powerful laptop comprises various features, from its powerful Intel Core i7 processor to its sophisticated cooling system. This review will take a closer look at what makes the Strix Scar II such … Read more

Best Roccat Mice for Drag Clicking and Butterfly Clicking

Best Roccat Mice for Drag Clicking and Butterfly Clicking

If you are an avid gamer, then you know that having the right mouse is essential for your gaming experience. One of the most important features to look for in a gaming mouse is the ability to perform drag clicking and butterfly clicking. This is where the Roccat brand of mice comes in. Let’s discuss … Read more

Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Review

Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Review

The Puro Sound Labs BT2200 is a wired & wireless on-ear kid’s headphone that promises a high-end audio experience. It’s designed to be comfortable and lightweight, making it perfect for listening to music on the go. It’s also equipped with active noise cancellation, allowing you to focus on the music without any distractions. It offers … Read more

Best Steam Deck Dock

Steam Deck Docks

Assuming you just grabbed a Steam Deck and would like to take your gaming extra seriously, you may be considering getting a dock. A dock is useful since it not only provides a designated location to power your Steam Deck but also often has one or more display outputs and USB input possibilities. While searching … Read more