Best Photo Editing Apps for Android and iOS

Editing can be very hard, especially if you do not have a pc to use for editing. If you need some good apps for editing photos for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Then you have come to the right place, all of the apps listed work for both ios and android.

Some of these apps should be used together as multiple apps to really make your photos shine. Many of them are paid but some are free also, some apps are only used in certain scenarios but they do amazing things for those times.

Touch Retouch

Touch Retouch is a very useful app. It is mostly used for getting rid of small details in a photo, such as rocks on a landscape. The app has many features to seamlessly remove unwanted objects in photos and is amazing at doing so. The app is paid but is very cheap also, for only 2$ on both ios and android.

Check it out HERE


Focos is an amazing app for doing small edits to your photos and adding various effects to them. Focos can help to blur backgrounds in photos and add many artificial camera lenses into the photo also. This app also features to change color warmth and saturation of photos.

In Focos there are many unique and amazing features in the app, you can even have the image go in 3D to better see the depth of the picture. The app is 12$ for life or you can pay 1$ monthly for this app.

See the app HERE

Adobe Lightroom

Most people know adobe for photoshop or premiere pro. However, they also have mobile apps too. Adobe Lightroom is a very useful tool for editing any caliber of photos. It includes features for exposure, contrast, temperature, vibrance, saturation, and much more. This is truly one of, if not the best apps on the list.

Even with all these features adobe still decided to make the application free to use. There is also a premium version of the app adding even more features than before. If you are a professional photographer or are very serious about finding an app to use, then this should be the go-to app that you use for all of your editing needs.

Check out Adobe Lightroom HERE

Adobe Photoshop Mix

Adobe Lightroom is good for all-around editing, but your photos really shine when you use these two apps together. Photoshop Mix really shines when doing quick edits or adding backgrounds to images. The app has a masking feature and also basic features too, you can add various effects to your photos using this app, and using Lightroom with it makes your photos phenomenal.

The best thing about this app is that it is also free, if you don’t have the money to spend on other apps listed in this article then you should use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Mix to make your photos the best that they can be.

Click HERE to see Adobe Photoshop Mix

Lens Distortions

Another free app that is perfect for spicing up your photos is Lens Distortions. This app is an amazing tool to add various lens flares, or effects to your photos without making them look crowded or compressed.

The app has many different overlays to choose from to add fog effects or artificial sun effects to make your photos very nice to look at. The app also has various packs you can buy to have more effects to choose from, however, there is already a very large selection in the base application.

See it HERE

Word Swag

A perfect app for adding different text messages and various fonts and features is word swag. Word Swag is an app that is mainly used for only one purpose and that purpose is to add text over an image, you can blur the background and add different effects to your text over the image you just edited.

Check out Word Swag HERE


Like Word Swag this is also an app that is used for text over images, however, that is not all that it can do. Unfold has many different styles and packs to have text over, it is also linked to pixabay, and Unsplash to add text over no copyright photos. This app is very useful and definitely fulfills its purpose.

Unfold also has many overlays in the app’s paid version with very appealing fonts and text blocks. The app is very useful for adding announcements on social media and is perfect for even just putting your name at the bottom of one of your photos.

Check out Unfold HERE


If you are posting photos of yourself airbrush may be a game-changer for your photo editing experience. Airbrush adds various features for making yourself look better, such as artificial makeup and temperature changing.

Airbrush is great for getting rid of shadows and can even change your hair color inside of the app. This app has truly amazing features and could be very important to your time spent editing.

Look at Airbrush HERE


The final app on the list is snapseed. This app is a very simple app for minor edits and is perfect for people who just want to do a small edit or are just getting into editing. Snapseed is very user-friendly and easy to use, it has good features and a well-thought-out layout.

SnapSeed can be looked at HERE


In my opinion, the best apps to be used on this list are the adobe house of products, Adobe Lightworks, and Adobe Photoshop Mix. These two apps are just amazing and are free to use too! The things you can do on this app are truly amazing and can make editing so much easier.

Unfold is also a very good app for doing simple overlays and adding text to images that you have either already edited or just got off pixabay or Unsplash.