Best Free Software For Creating Logos

There are many logos and photo editing software editors out there. They can be very expensive and hard to work with, most software for logo design have very large and annoying watermarks that make the image unusable. The Software we chose is low powered and runs on a browser. It has amazing features and best of all, no watermark!

So what exactly is the Photo editor we chose? The best free software for creating logos is Pixlr E. It is a photo editor with all the same tools that expensive photo editors have but, it is free. Pixlr has a plethora of different features, from the wand tool to color overlays.

Pixlr E

This editor is truly amazing for all the things it can do. Pixlr E has all the tools even a professional editor would need. It is definitely safe to say that this is the best for making some logos. It is even more amazing that this program can run on a browser, The program has incredible features with an easy to use design.

The editor even has a stock library with a search tool, so you do not worry about copyright when dealing with web images. The image you are working on also is saved automatically while you are working on it, so if your laptop dies or something happens to your desktop while working on an image there is no need to worry! After you boot Pixlr E back up the project will appear then click on it and get back to work.

Pixlr X

Where obviously Pixlr E is the best free photo editor out there, there is also another version of Pixlr named Pixlr X. Pixlr E is a very well put together program it can be a little confusing with its features. This is why Pixlr X is a great choice as well, and here are the reasons why.

Pixlr X is a more simplified version of Pixlr E, it is meant for fast and simple. Making a logo on Pixlr X will be a breeze, however, Pixlr E has many more features. Pixlr X is more suited for quick projects that do not need advanced features like the wand tool and more advanced editing tools.

Though Pixlr X is a great tool, it does not have nearly as many features as Pixlr E and has no real advantages over Pixlr E, The one thing it has over how it is much easier to learn because of its simplicity and format, I would recommend Pixler X for new editors but if you believe that you can learn Pixlr E definitely learn that instead of Pixlr X.


In conclusion, Pixlr E is the best free editor out there for logo design, and image editing in general. If you want something a little easier to learn and understand then you should learn to use Pixlr X instead. Both of these choices are very good for what they can do, and especially at the best price imaginable, free!