Best Budget Surround Sound Home Theater Systems

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By Rob Leung

A good HQ sound system can really enhance any multimedia experience in our homes. A great holiday time comprises of relaxing and watching your favorite shows and movies or even just listening to classic music with friends and family. Thus, it really helps to have a surround sound home theater system instead of just plain TV speakers.

Home theater systems have become an important part of our lives and for good reason. There are so many ways that surround sound can improve the quality of your life. 

The best thing about this is you don’t have to break your bank to have one of these installed in your homes. There are many affordable home theater sound systems in the market that consists of high-quality audio and natural sound.

In this article, we have a look at such budget surround sound systems that are not only amazing but also affordable.

Sony HT-S350 – $185.80

Sony is one of the globally renowned electronics companies. They have built a reputation in the industry with their satisfactory line of products. Regarding its home theaters, it has been offering different sorts of sound systems with various features and price ranges.

Sony HT-S350 is an affordable home theater that is currently available for $185.80 on Amazon. It is easy to place and comes with wireless woofers. It has the audio format of Dolby Digital, Digital Theater Systems (DTS). This little surround sound home theater system is classy as well as affordable.

Sony HT-S350 definitely gives a power pump to our regular TV sound. It equips a 2.1 stereo speaker configuration and a couple of full-tone sound bar units attached with a wireless subwoofer. Its High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is 1* in (2.0), 1* out (ARC). For the price range, the quality is amazing and you should definitely get one.

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Roku Streambar- $99.00

Roku Streambar

If you want to own a multi-featured surround sound system with simple settings and theater-like quality, you should check out the Roku Streambar. It has an easy setup, mesmerizing sound quality, Bluetooth streaming, remote-free home theater system, expandable, and a bass level that can give you Goosebumps. And the most surprising part is, you can get this multi-featured affordable home theater system for just $99.99.

Roku Streambar enhances the sound of any TV with its powerful stream and premium sound quality. It also allows you to play your favorite music via a Bluetooth connection.

Another amazing feature it has is that it consists of a voice remote with TV controls. Roku Streambar is also small in size which allows you to carry and handle it with ease. Despite its small size, it can give a surrounding and high-quality sound.

Talking about its picture quality, you can stream videos in High Definition quality, 4K, and HDR pictures with any TV. Attached with four speakers, it can fill your home with amazing high-quality sound with rich Dolby audio.

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Sony 5.1 BDV E3100 Home Theater System- $397.99

Sony 5.1 BDV E3100 Home Theater System

A Japanese multinational company, SONY is a giant when it comes to electronics. Chances are, you have a gadget from the company lying around as you are reading this. The Sony 5.1 Home Theater System is one of the best in the line. It is an affordable home theater with an HQ sound. From 3D playback to child lock, the BDV E3100 equips amazing technology with powerful speakers.

The Sony 5.1 can also stream in wireless mode via Bluetooth. It supports NFC Technology. This gadget provides Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD sound modes which are multi-channel audio codec and high definition digital surround sound format. That means consumers of this device can feel the great audio and have a theater experience in their own homes.

It also has 2D to 3D conversion. This Blu-ray home theater system includes an HDMI 1.4 output which delivers great HD videos and audios just over a single cable. The best part is you can enjoy the experience of theater with full HD 1080 pixels Blu-ray player in home $397.99.

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Samsung HW-Q67CT 7.1 – $239.99

Samsung has been a promising company of electronic appliances for more than fifty years. As a continuation of its legacy, the Samsung HW-Q67CT is currently one of the best affordable home theaters in the market.

The HW-Q67CT equips five speakers altogether which contains a pair of front speakers and a center speaker. In addition, it also houses a subwoofer. It can blow your mind with its versatile and high-definition audio quality.

Samsung HW-Q67CT is manufactured with inbuilt Wi-Fi for wireless streaming and built-in Bluetooth. Its audio inputs include RCA stereo. It plays 3D Blu-ray discs, DVDs, and CDs. It has an HDMI port with ARC (Audio Return Channel) and a USB port for connecting optimal thumb drive.

It features a 7.1 channel amplifier and Crystal Amp Technology too which helps in filtering unnecessary sounds twice in order to minimize distortions and throw out the clear audio. This economic device can also decode Dolby Digital, DTS, and Dolby Pro Logic surround formats. Samsung HW-Q68CT can be owned for just $239.99.

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Rockville HTS56 – $184.95

Rockville HTS56

The Rockville HTS56 is the last affordable home theater on our list with HQ sound. With a 1000w power rating, 5.1 speaker system, multi-color LED, and futuristic hardware, it is a versatile choice for budget buyers. The Rockville HTS56 is also the cheapest on our list with a price tag starting from $184.95.

In addition, the Rockville HTS56 comes equipped with an FM receiver, digital display, and an 8” sub-woofer. The HQ sound output of this device can easily rival products that are twice as costly. It also comes with SD card input and CE & RoHS certification.

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When it comes to watching movies or listening to good music, the quality of the sound system cannot be compromised. These were some of the best affordable surround sound home theater systems that you can currently purchase.

The qualities buyers can get out of these budget home theater systems are surreal. Even though the developers have compromised with the hardware as they are mostly made of plastic, the electronics cannot be differentiated from some leading theater systems.