Best Budget MOBA Mice

MOBA games have changed the gaming world altogether. From playing offline RPGs to competing with other players in MOBA, gamers nowadays don’t get the same dopamine from any ordinary games.

With the evolution of Computer games, gaming devices have also evolved. In order to win, you don’t just need perfect mechanical skills, you also need a great mouse (along with other accessories) to have an edge over your opponents. A better gaming mouse endows comfortable fit, quick reaction, better DPI, and obviously better results.

Today, we have a look at some of the best budget MOBA Mice currently on the market. Let’s get started.

Fnatic Clutch 2 Pro

This gaming mouse features great ergonomics and a top-notch optical sensor at an affordable price. It has a sensitivity of 12000 DPI and weighs around 97 grams. Even though this one is budget equipment, it still flaunts the PixArt PMW3360 Optical sensor which is one of the best in the market. This mouse can cope up with 50G accelerations and can handle speeds equivalent to 250 inches/second.

Furthermore, the lightweight of this gaming mouse helps in easier mobility at high speeds. And the custom RGB lighting emerging from the scrolling wheel gives it a great aesthetic.

The mouse features great tracking and adjustable liftoff distance which makes it ideal for MOBA gamers. Being a wired mouse, it neglects any issues gamers face with wireless connections.

Lastly, the rear end of the mouse showcases a Fnatic logo that completes its being. Overall, this is a great pick for a competitive price.

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SteelSeries Rival3 Wireless Mouse

This right-handed wireless mouse is a true beast when it comes to MOBA games. To begin, it features a TrueMove air optical sensor paired up with a sensitivity of 18000 CPI.

The mouse has 6 buttons which makes it easier for MOBA gamers to assign the legacy keys while gaming. And the wireless system helps to avoid the wire dangling problems that wired mice sometimes face.

It weighs about 100 grams and runs on AAA batteries. According to the manufacturers, two AAA batteries can provide 400 hours of smooth gaming experience which is great. Even though this one is wireless equipment, we have yet to see any complaints on the latency while MOBA gaming.

It features 40G acceleration and a speed of four hundred inches/second which guarantees high-performance gaming. There is also a wired version available for the mice in the market if that is your preference.

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Razer Basilisk Essential

Razer holds a high reputation in the tech and gaming industry. However, their products are relatively expensive than their competitors. With the Razer Basilisk, the company serves a budget gaming mouse without cutting too much on performance.

The right-handed mouse features 6 buttons and an excellent ergonomic body. Furthermore, it has a sensitivity of 6400 DPI with an amazing Optical sensor. Now, these numbers are humble compared to our previous picks but you can get this one for around $50 which makes it a great buy.

The mouse also features a DPI clutch which can be a valuable asset in Sniper games. It has a tilted body which makes up for great comfort when playing MOBA games.

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Roccat Burst Pro

The USP of the Roccat Burst Pro is its attractive design paired up with its lightweight of 68 grams. That said, its specification is in no way any less than other MOBA mice on this list.

Featuring an Owl-Eye 16k Optical sensor, the mouse can handle extreme movements with amazing tracking. The sensor is based on PMW3389 Pixart and equips a sensitivity of 16000 DPI.

It has 6 buttons and a wired connection for an optimal gaming experience. It has a honeycomb design that boasts an RGB light which is awesome to look at. Not only this piece is affordable and attractive, but it is also fast and can meet the gaming requirements of a MOBA player.

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Razer Naga X

This is the first MOBA gaming mouse on this list with a 5G optical sensor. This makes up for high-speed and high-resolution gaming without any latency. And what’s more impressive is that it has 16 buttons.

So, this one is a mini keyboard only with a compact size that meets every requirement of the competitive gamers. The Naga X has an impressive sensitivity of 18000 DPI thanks to its 5g sensor. So, it can handle amazing speeds and game refresh rates.

Moreover, the Razer Naga X features an ergonomic design with many customizable buttons. This really helps MOBA gamers as they can assign individual keys for each ability of their character in-game. The mouse weighs 85 grams which makes it easy to maneuver while playing games.

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Hyper X Pulsefire Haste

This is another great and affordable piece of equipment with a PixArt PAW3335 optical sensor. The mouse features a sensitivity of 16000 CPI and has an ambidextrous shape.

The USP of this gaming mouse is extra lightweight compared to its competitors. It weighs 59 grams with 6 buttons that are fully customizable for MOBA games. The optical sensor can endure high resolution and high-speed gaming with ease.

Its wired connectivity and 16K CPI negates any latency issues during competitive online gaming where a micro-second delay can mean a loss.

The scroll wheel features an RGB light system that gives it a typical gaming mouse vibe. And its lightweight makes the mouse fly in extreme gaming conditions.

Overall, if you are looking for plain comfort and are willing to compromise on extra buttons, this one can be the best pick for you.

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If you are into MOBA gaming, falling behind due to equipment will be the last thing on your priority list. As a gamer, competitive gaming is closely related to our ego and sense of achievement. So, it is best to invest in a proper gaming mouse then go into a losing streak.

In this article, we discussed some of the best budget MOBA mice currently in the market. We wish you pick up the appropriate one and outplay your opponent in future games.