Best Budget Gaming Earbuds (Best 6 Earbuds)

Hearing the enemy’s footsteps, the direction of the bullet, the sound of the character’s narration, and so on, a piece of good audio equipment means a lot to a gamer.

So, headphones being a bit bulky, uncomfortable for VR games and gamers with glasses, and even messing up with the gamer’s hair; earbuds nowadays have been a major preference just with a little bit of compromise in the sound quality over the high-end headphones.

Varying on the response time, connectivity, dynamics, comfortability, and price-like factors we can easily find and select the ideal earbud of our choice. Further, competition being high on this market we can get a great sounding earbud even in our tight budget which additionally you can use outside your gaming sessions as well.

Here is the list of the six best budget gaming earbuds you can buy right now.

1. Logitech G333 – $49

This earbud was officially made for the Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset with dedicated drivers for high, mid, and lows for the immersive and optimal gaming experience.

Its most amazing feature is its build quality, it has an aluminum body that feels premium and is durable as well. You get annoyed when the earbuds slip from your ear, right? They don’t slip and they were a great fit for me.

Unlike other earbuds of this budget range, the resolution of the sound is quite good although the pack we feel of the bass is not like on a high-end earbud.

Further, a 3.5 mm jack is present which helps us to hear sound with minimum latency which is of major importance while gaming. Similarly, the cable length and straps of these earbuds can be customized making it a smooth experience.

Added microphones in this headphone make it better for multiplayer gaming. Likewise, the microphones don’t pick up much noise due to the head movements making it an even better choice.

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2. Turtle Beach Battle Buds – $29.95

It is a multi-player-friendly earbud with the presence of a highly-sensitive removable mic which goes under $30 these days.  

And, with their unique shape and this level of comfortability alongside dedicated ear-grips, they are ideal for people who move a lot while gaming and even for outdoor walks and running-like activities.

Likewise, its other core feature includes the presence of the 10mm speakers which it advertises to produce thundering lows but don’t get your expectations too high, still they are good for this budget range and have great user reviews as well.

Since it was designed mainly for mobile gaming and Nintendo Switch on the go it does a great job and is compatible with other consoles and PCs as well.

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3. HyperX Cloud Earbuds – $35

Well, they are some nice-looking budget earbuds for sure. But there might be a problem if the color red is not of your taste as it comes only in that particular color.

It has a quite impressive bass performance which sounds way better than the other earbuds on this list but mid and high frequencies sound way too sharp due to which it is not idle for listening to music. Similarly, the in-line mic is way better than I expected it to be.

Additionally, it comes with the signature HyperX comfort as it boasts but tips being not so soft and big which is a fit for small ears it isn’t comfortable for long sessions.

Damn, I just love it when the 3.5mm jacks are at 90-degree angles, they feel more durable and reliable.

Ultimately, a great performing in-line mic, great bass performance, multiple ear-tips, and a neat carrying case overall makes it a great deal.

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4. JBL Quantum 50 – $29.95

JBL is a well-known company with an impactful image having some great speakers, headphones, and earphones in the market. Talking about earbuds, they are famous for people with larger ears. Similarly, with the presence of the JBL Quantum sound signature, they are a bang for the buck.

The microphone placement of this earbud is near to the ear which is kind of nice. Similarly, it has a superior inline control with a dedicated mic mute control and a volume slider.

For stability and comfort, JBL boasts its twist-lock technology which is as good as they advertise. With its cable being a part rubber and braided it makes a little bit of sound when head motion occurs.

Its sound quality is nice overall but the high notes and the high frequencies can feel quite saturated and unnatural for tuned professional ears. As per the user reviews, this product has better bass and sound quality in comparison.

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5. Razer Hammerhead Duo – $54.05

Razer is a well-known brand for premium and expensive gaming products. On the other hand, the Razer Hammerhead Duo is a basic not so flashy-looking good earbud for a budget of below $50.

The custom-tuned dual driver is the main feature of this headphone which in addition to its lightweight and durable aluminum design with braided cable is a great offer even for daily usage scenarios. The sound quality for this budget is quite nice but the higher end gets more high-pitched than the original sound.

Further, in packaging, there is the presence of silicon tips of 3 different sizes for achieving the perfect fit and passive noise isolation.

Ultimately, with the balanced sound, great build quality, and nice inline controls they are one of the best yet simple-looking gaming earbuds.

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6. KLIM Fusion Earbuds – $19.97

It is a very comfortable earbud with the presence of memory foam which retains the shape of your ear for a perfect fit. And, due to this perfect fit present in this earbud, it does work as passive isolation.

Further, it is a nicely built earbud with a 90 degrees ‘L’ shaped 3.5mm jack. Although it has a great build quality their claim to give a 5-year warranty seems pretty fake.

Likewise, it has the decent audio quality and for this budget, it has nice bass which I wasn’t expecting. Similarly, the microphone is also great and doesn’t make that much noise when head motion occurs.

Ultimately, a small pouch, a comfortable earbud, well-built quality, and good pricing is what made this earbud present on this list.

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