Best Budget Controllers with Paddles

Ergonomics, when gaming is very useful because it gives you a more optimized way to be quicker and more efficient, by using paddles that go on the back of your controller. This prevents you from moving your hands to different locations on your controller and allows you to focus on the aim more.

Controllers with paddles or external paddles can get a bit pricey but what ones can you get that won’t break the budget but will still provide better ergonomics. In this article, I will be showing you the best budget controllers with paddles so you don’t have to break the bank on a Scuff or Battle Beaver controller.

Why Should I Get Paddles?

When gaming on a controller you are constantly having to move your thumb to hit all the buttons on the controller and taking your thumb off aiming, controllers with paddles and back buttons make it so you can have your hand on the stick to make a much faster button press and more importantly, keeping your aim steady and not taking away from that. So in short, yes.

Best Budget Xbox controllers with paddles

when getting a controller with paddles you will obviously have to choose between Xbox and PS4 This part of the article will be going over the Xbox and further down will be PS4. Starting with our first controller the Flydigi Vader 2.

Flydigi Vader 2

The Flydigi Vader 2 is a very impressive controller at around 60 dollars. This controller has four paddles on the back and two remappable buttons on the front. It also has RGB and its own software for programming the buttons. You can use this as wired, wireless with a dongle, or Bluetooth depending on what you prefer.

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PowerA Fusion Pro Controller

If you were thinking of buying the Xbox elite please consider looking at this first. The controller is about 100 dollars cheaper at the price of around 40 dollars and the only thing you don’t get is wireless. this Controller also has a three-way trigger action depending on what games you play. It comes in a wired version but feels incredible and just like your normal Xbox controller but will all the perks. It also has swappable analog sticks and analog stops.

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PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced Wired Controller

The PowerA Spectra Infinity Is a lot like the PowerA fusion pro but instead of four back buttons, you only get two. This controller also comes with RGB and a mute and volume control for the user. at the cost of only 44 dollars, this is a great choice if you are looking for a controller. I personally love how the RGB comes out of the sides, buttons, and analog sticks. Really cool design and if you don’t want as much as the PowerA fusion Pro, this is a cheaper alternative.

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Best Budget external paddles for Xbox Controllers

If you already have a controller and you do not want a new one or you don’t trust name brand controllers, you can go with External paddles which will connect to the controller that you ready have. These will tend to be cheaper and allow you to keep the controller you already like using.

Strike Pack FPS Xbox One Mod Pack

The Strike Pack FPS Xbox one mod pack is an External paddle system that you can put on the back of your controller instead of buying a whole new controller. It has two remappable paddles that are not well places but get the job done, it will cost you 35 dollars. This also has mods on it for the user, although it is not recommended.

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Strike Pack Eliminator

The Strike Pack Eliminator is another collective minds product that is much better than the Strike Pack FPS Xbox one mod pack, and only five dollars more, coming in at 40 dollars. This comes with four-button and mods, but again, those do not have to be used to use the buttons on the back.

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Best Budget PS4 Controllers with paddles

If you prefer PlayStation controllers, there are lots of companies that make controllers with paddles that are not too expensive and are still viable and good options overall. These also contend with a Scuff or Battle Beaver controller, while holding a competitive budget price.

NexiGo Q500 PS4 Controller

The NexiGo Q500 PS4 Controller Wireless is a lot like the Xbox elite but in a PlayStation format. It has two rear buttons and even gyro axis which are not super common. It will run you about 40 dollars. It looks a little odd but it fits more like a Battle Beaver controller because of the back button choice rather than paddles. This is a great choice if you prefer the style of a Battle Beaver PS4 controller.

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PUNWEOS Wireless Controller

The PUNWEOS Wireless Controller is an insane controller with four back buttons that are very well places that feel very nice in the hand. It has a built-in rubberized grip and a crazy feature that is only on some of the most expensive pro controllers, you can swap the D-pad and the thumbstick to switch it to an Xbox format. at the cost of around fourty-four dollars, this is a great controller that is worth taking a look at.

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Mayfan Modded Controller

The Mayfan Modded Controller is one of the lower build quality controllers on this list with four back paddles, it still is a fine choice to use if you like the Xbox offset thumbsticks but still play on PS4 or like the button layout better. It has 4 rear buttons and multiple programable settings. A lot can be done straight on the controller and won’t require third-party software.

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Best Budget External PS4 Paddles

Like the Xbox controllers, you can buy separate external paddles to put on a ps4 controller that you already have. This can be a cheaper route if you already have a controller that you like, you can buy these paddles rather than buying a whole new controller.

Sony Dualshock 4 Back Button Controller Attachment

If you don’t trust off-brand things and you are looking for paddles for your controller, you should get these. they have a great build quality and fit nicely on the controller. The buttons have a touch screen that you can scroll through your options and they feel premium. These are my personal choice. at the cost of twenty-five dollars, it is a great buy.

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StrikePack FPS Dominator

The StrikePack FPS doesn’t only make a pack for Xbox controllers, but they make one for the PS4 controllers too. The PS4 version of the StrikePack FPS Dominator is a lot better with the placement of the paddles. The StrikePack FPS Dominator does have mods that you can toggle on and off and shouldn’t get you banned, but we always recommend using exploits in games.

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Hion Gaming Paddles

The Hion Gaming Paddles is another pack similar to the StrikePack FPS Dominator but has two more paddles at the cost of forty dollars. It comes down to preference on if you want the extra two paddles or not. Track record-wise, the StrikePack has a better record.

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UeeVii PS4 Controller Paddles

The UeeVii PS4 Controller Paddles is a lot like the Sony PS4 rear paddles, but also has the mods like the StrikePack FPS Dominator and Hion Gaming Paddles. These are also the cheapest on the list, with the price of fourteen dollars.

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All of the controllers and external paddles are a good choice it’s just a matter of the price and what you prefer. Paddles are highly recommended as they will easily elevate your gameplay and make you an all-around more dynamic and ready player.