Best Apps for Keeping Track of Spending

it is very important to budget and keep track of your money, but most people do not know which app to use. In this article, I will be showing you the best apps for keeping track of your money spending and help you budget your money.

lets start with first app on our list Mint.

Intuit Mint

Mint is a very trusted budgeting app that is also free. you can pretty much do anything that you can do with money such as your net worth, how much cash, credit cards, and investments. it will also show all transactions that you make so you can keep track of all your expenses.

You can create goals in the app that will allow you to save money for different things. You can set and check your monthly budgets to make sure that you do not go over. you can download IOS and Android

Clarity Money

Clarity Money is another app to help you budget. This app has a desktop version but mostly prioritizes the app. This app is a lot like Mint but is a lot simpler. when you link your bank account you are able to enter monthly income which will allow you to chose ideas on what to save.

This app is free and very user-friendly, and effective. it is newer than most of the apps on this list but will probably become the best app for spending and budgeting you can download IOS here.

Peak Money

Peak money is another free budgeting app that is more like a game than a budgeting app. Sadly it is only for IOS and not android. You start by setting a goal of what you want, and it will give you tips on saving.

This app is great for people who want to have fun while they are still saving money. you can download it on IOS here.


Charlie is a free app that is perfect for people who want just personal finance or money management. it is pretty much an AI (artificial intelligence) that will be an assistant through text and will help you any time. it is a combination of most of these apps on this list. the biggest con is that if you are not used to texting it can get aggravating.

the brand Charlie is trying to make the app more friendly by having the Penguin to be cuter than other apps, but that could be good for some people as it allows people to not be stressed about budgeting. download this on IOS and Andriod


I believe that all these apps are good but I would suggest that if budgeting is stressful for you go with Charlie or Peak. If you want something efficient go with Clarity Money or Mint, but all of these apps are preferences so choose which one you think you will.