Best Steam Deck Alternative

Best Steam Deck Alternatives

Prior to the Steam Deck, numerous companies launched handheld, compact-size gaming PCs. Nevertheless, it took Valve and its amazing handheld to actually draw a significant number of eyes to this booming industry and proceed it from a pleasant subpart of the PC gaming industry towards something garnering a much larger audience. Needless to say, just … Read more

Best Steam Deck Dock

Steam Deck Docks

Assuming you just grabbed a Steam Deck and would like to take your gaming extra seriously, you may be considering getting a dock. A dock is useful since it not only provides a designated location to power your Steam Deck but also often has one or more display outputs and USB input possibilities. While searching … Read more

How to Play Non Steam Games on Steam Deck

How to Play Non Steam Games on Steam Deck

Steam Deck being a compact hand-held gaming device is designed and marketed to enjoy PC games on the go. If you’re a heavy gamer, you are probably familiar with various non steam games. Fortunately, there’s a way to get around this restriction. With a little bit of work, you can play non-Steam games on your … Read more

How to Play Games on Steam Deck

How to Play Games on Steam Deck

If you’re a fan of Blizzard’s games, you might be wondering if there’s a way to play them on Steam Deck. games are some of the most popular games in the world. With millions of players logging in every day, the games are always full of action and adventure. But what if you … Read more

How to Play on Steam Deck

How to Play on Steam Deck is a good platform with a great selection of indie games, an influential community, and reasonable prices. Most of the new Steam Deck owners seem to be confused about how to play the games they bought on If you own a lot of games or want to install new games from, we … Read more

How to Install and Play Minecraft on Steam Deck

How to Install and Play Minecraft on Steam Deck

Minecraft is a popular game that can be played on many different platforms, including the Steam Deck. Since the Steam Deck is a native Linux device, it can run all the games that a normal Windows PC can. However, installing and playing Minecraft on your Steam Deck device is not the same as one would … Read more

Top 7 Earbuds Better Than AirPod Pros

Top 7 Earbuds Better Than Airpod Pro

The AirPods are great, but they aren’t the only game in town. There are tons of other options out there for people who don’t feel like spending $200 on a set of wireless earbuds. These 7 alternative earbuds are all much cheaper and offer similar (or better) functionality than the AirPods do. They also have … Read more

How to Backup My Music to iCloud: 3 Things to Know

Backing up music to iCloud

Creating a list or a collection of your favorite songs is not that easy. It would be highly frustrating to lose all those songs due to accidental deletions, loss, or theft. Purchasing a new device is possible, but getting back your personalized music library can be quite challenging. Hence, backups are important. While uninstalling an … Read more