Are The Amazon Echo Frame Glasses Worth Buying?

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By Rob Leung

The amazon echo frames are a pair of smart glasses that may be worth considering if you are in the market for a new innovative product. Amazon’s smart glasses have mostly basic features that most other smart glasses have, but they do also have built-in Amazon Alexa into the glasses. There are many amazing features to this product and many features at that.

Amazon Echo Frame Features

Are The Amazon Echo Frame Glasses Worth Buying?

The amazon glasses have features but not so many that it would get confusing or overkill. The glasses are also able to be swapped out for prescription lenses but come as just dummy glass lenses in the box. Features include text-to-speech notifications, Alexa voice assistant commands, speakers that you can play audio, and much more.

These features are applicable in many cases, such as if you are walking through the street and get a message you don’t have to get distracted by looking at your watch or phone, this can be very useful, especially if it is a spam call. There is a touch and swipe feature on the side of the glasses which are specified to be “yes or no” type of answers, such as “do you want to accept this call from John”.

People can also be added to a white or blacklist in order to control what they hear while you wear the glasses. For example, if you want to hear messages from John but not Josh then when you first get a message from each of them while wearing the glasses, Alexa will ask you whether you would like to hear the message or never hear messages from Josh.

The glasses can also be used to listen to music or a podcast, however, the sound on the glasses is not very good. There is little bass and it can be weird when you first start wearing them. This is because the speakers are pointed into your ears and can give confusion as to wear the direction of the sound is coming from, however, this also keeps sound leakage low as to not annoy the people around you.

Echo Frame Pricing

The amazon echo frames are priced at about 250 USD. So is it worth the price? These glasses may be useful, however, 250 USD is a very hefty price tag for these features. If someone is always on the go this product may be especially helpful to you. Otherwise, I’m not sure it would be money well spent unless you are planning to use them daily.

These glasses are very nice, and of high quality, however, the price is just very high. I believe that they would be worth it for 100 USD if you were to use them a lot but not the $250 unless you have money to blow.

Are The Echo Frame Glasses Worth it?

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The amazon echo frames are a high-tech pair of glasses that can be used for many different occasions and even everyday use. The glasses are fashionable, light, and most of all functional. The product is very expensive but also has great features and a voice assistant built-in. These frames should be mostly used for business or productivity unless you want to break the bank for casual use.