Best Budget RGB Fans in 2021

When you are building a pc one of the most important things is keeping your system cool. their are two main ways of cooling, which is water cooling and cooling with fans. In this article I will be going over the best budget RGB fans in 2021.

Lets start with the Corsair LL 120

Corsair LL 120

These fans have great thermal efficiency with fan speeds from 600 to 1500 Rpm. these fans are not compatible with ICUE but have their own software. these fans are capable of overclocking your GPU (graphic processing unit) for that extra performance.

The Corsair LL 120 is a great fan at the price of 35 dollars each you can bye it here.


The NZXT Aer RGB are another great fan with speeds up to 1500 RPM. These fans are one of the loudest fans on this list and the RGB limited to only the ends and not the entirety of the fan. This brand also has a software where you can see the temperature, overclocking, and lighting.

This is another good choice for RGB fans you can buy it here.

Antec Prizm 120mm

The Antec Prizm 120mm has a great reputation for being a great cooler. With the company being reliable and their products being long-lasting they also have a great build quality. The RGB is limited only to the edges but makes up for its performance.

These fans can come in a 3 pack (forty dollars) or a 5 pack (sixty dollars).

Cooler Master MasterFan MF120R

Cooler master makes great CPU coolers and pc coolers. The MasterFan MF120R is very attractive with its RGB and cool design. This fan has great RGB but is lacking with how loud it is. These fans are a good choice but you can get better the build quality is good but it is very noisy.

If you like it you can buy it here

Thermaltake Riing Trio

The Thermaltake Riing Trio has an amazing performance with keeping your system cool while also making it look cooler. The RGB is great on this fan with full lighting on the fan and the outer rim. With help of a remote you can change the lighting patterns to any color. this fan also has a software to change the speed of your fan

This fan is also compatible with other software such as RAZOR Croma and amazon Alexa so you can have your RGB in the same software. This is a great choice for fans which comes at about forty dollars you can buy it here.

My Thoughts

I believe that all of these fans are a great choice cause in the end your just cooling your system. but for me I like a PC with lots of RGB so I would go with Corsair or Thermaltake. If you want to be more stelthy you should go with NZXT or Antec, but it is all up to your price range and your opinion and what you think you will like.

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